That Was SO COOL!

There was a firetruck at Trunk or Treat at the kids’ elementary school. They were giving kids a mini tour and a piece of candy.

We waited in the rather long line and just when we were up to almost the front of the line they got a call and had to leave (with lights and siren on).

After watching them leave, Nicholas turned to me and exclaimed, “That was SO COOL!” Seeing the lights and hearing the siren was better than a little tour and piece of candy for sure.

This Week’s Lunches and Snacks

Tuesday was an early out day so the elementary kids didn’t need snacks. Thursday and Friday we tried giving four of the kids one thing in a baggie for their snack (Goldfish one day and Teddy Grahams the other) and they were quite happy with that. Mayci spent the night at Ani’s Sunday night so she just took a Nutrigrain bar her Monday snack since the snacks hadn’t been made by the time she left.

Fritz and Adrian’s First Quarter Report Cards

Fritz and Adrian have completed their first quarter of 11th and 9th grades at their very challenging magnet school. It was a lot of work and they both did quite well. Fritz even won the Kindness award (nominated by his English teacher).

Physics – C (78%)
Cybersecurity – A (96%)
AP Human Geography – C (76%)
Spanish II – A (90%)
Geometry – A (93%)
Computer Science – A (90%)
English I – B (89%)

Physics – A (94%)
3D Modeling & Animation – B (88%)
Algebra II – A (95%)
AP US History – B (80%)
Video Game Design – A+ (100%)
AP English III – A (95%)
Computer Science – A (97%)

Canyon Lake Gorge

Some friends and I went on a guided hike in Canyon Lake Gorge a couple weeks ago. It was really hot and really fascinating. We learned all about the geology of the area.

We got to see dinosaur tracks (arcocanthosaurus). I don’t think I’d ever seen dinosaur tracks before then. So cool.

Everything was so beautiful. This lagoon was the most amazing green color. Apparently when they tried to map it the silt on the bottom got stirred up and it went completely white.

The earth is really very beautiful. The hike was challenging (and did I mention really hot?) but totally worth it!

First Quarter of 1st and 2nd Grade

Zeke worked really hard during the first quarter of 2nd grade. School can be pretty hard for him so we’re all thrilled with how well he is doing. He got an S (satisfactory) in conduct, art, and theater arts. He got an E (excellent) in health, music, and PE. He got B’s in language arts (84%), math (84%), and science (85%). He got a C in social studies (79%).

Mayci’s grades were no surprise. She loves school and does her work easily. She’s a kid who finishes her week long homework packet all the first day because she wants to and likes doing it. She got an E in conduct, health, art, theater arts, music, and PE. She got A’s in language arts (95%), math (93%), social studies (95%), and science (97%)

Nicholas and Noah’s First Report Cards

With the first quarter completed Nicholas and Noah brought home their first report cards. Pre-K kids get grades of 1-4. 1 means they do not demonstrate understanding, 2 means they require teacher support to demonstrate the skill, 3 means they occasionally demonstrate the skill independently, and 4 means they have mastered the skill independently.

Nicholas got all 2’s in self-awareness (this is stuff like waiting turns, using feeling words, and self-regulating). He got all 2’s in self-management as well (this is stuff like remaining focused for 5 minutes, showing flexibility, having good habits of personal safety, and utilizing the visual schedule). He got a 2 in social awareness (using imagination to act out pretend play). He got 2’s in relationship skills (awareness of where his body is in space and respecting personal space and interacting positively with peers and adults). He also got 2’s in responsible decision making (taking care of materials appropriately and following classroom and school rules). He recognizes 12 uppercase and 13 lowercase letters. He got a 2 for intentionally using marks to represent language and verbally sharing the meaning. He is in stage 2 of writing (scribbling). He can rote count to 10.

Noah got all 2’s and a 3 (demonstrates coordination and balance in isolation) in self-awareness. He got all 2’s and a 3 (transitions throughout the day without becoming upset) in self-management. He got a 2 in social awareness. He got a 2 (aware of his body in space) and a 3 (interacts positively with peers and adults) in relationship skills. He got a 2 (following rules) and a 3 (uses materials appropriately) in responsible decision making. He recognizes 20 uppercase and 15 lowercase letters. He got a 2 in intentionally using marks to represent language. He is also in stage 2 of writing. He can rote count to 3.

Beware Quiet Twins

Jamie had gone to get Zeke and Mayci from dance, Anthony and Nicholas were on the couch with me watching a TV show, and Fritz and Adrian were upstairs doing homework. Noah and Joel were wandering around playing. After a couple minutes of not hearing them I went to investigate and discovered they had decorated the dining room, hallway, stairs, and themselves in a variety of sauces that hadn’t been put away yet from dinner. Always, always beware quiet twins.