It Might Be a Long Year

Mayci’s teacher is brand new this year. She is young and has no children and some things she does shows that immaturity as a teacher. Mayci will be fine no matter what but it might be a long year.

Her teacher does things like giving mass punishments for the whole class even if only of few were misbehaving and writing every little thing down in the communication folder (things like Mayci was being silly and laughing at other kids playing around).

In first grade, kids need to read 200 books (or 200 chapters if they are reading chapter books) by May. In the first ten days of doing their reading logs Mayci read 22 books. I don’t see that as a lot of books, but her teacher apparently does. Mayci came home saying her teacher said she reads too fast. And then we got this note in the reading folder:

I already was doing that. She definitely knows what the story is about and can give details after reading. Just because a child (who is an excellent reader) reads quickly it does not mean they are not paying attention to what they are reading. I have to wonder if two or three days after reading a book a teacher asked her questions about it that she couldn’t remember and so her teacher decided she wasn’t actually comprehending what she was reading (never mind it is totally normal to not remember details of one of many books read even the next morning at her age). I ignored the note and will keep letting her read just as fast as she wants to.

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