It’ll Definitely Be a Very Long Year

I do hope once Mayci’s teacher has gotten into the groove of teaching, she ends up being an excellent teacher. She’s just not going to get there this year.

She corrects every page of the homework packet. It’s a rookie mistake. No one’s got time for that and she’ll figure it out. But that means she corrects spelling in sentences and paragraphs the kids have to write.

Aside from corrections given days later won’t help the kid learn to spell properly, in first grade invented (phonetic) spelling is standard. It’s more important for the kids to get their thoughts on paper in sentence/paragraph form than for every word to be spelled correctly at this point.

So Mayci had to write about spiders and whether she thought they were creepy or cute. At one point she wrote “crepe” and her teacher put a question mark and then creepy underneath the question mark. Obviously that’s the word Mayci meant. At another point Mayci wrote “sacary” instead of scary. Her teacher corrected her spelling by writing “scarey.”

This is going to be a really, really long year.

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