The Playroom Under the Stairs

About a year and a half ago we got the idea to open up the wall in our living room and convert the area under the stairs there into a little playroom for the kids.

It ended up so beautiful. The kids absolutely love it. It’s not very big, but it’s perfect for a few kids to watch TV or to sit and read or built with Perfect Blocks.

There’s a black light in there and a projector (the kids are utterly fascinated by their shows playing right on the wall). There are even colored LED lights around the ceiling perfect for a dance party.

One wall has a gorgeous mural of space my dad picked out for the kids because some of them are very into space right now. Zeke liked it so much he even hugged it when they first went in the room.

The most amazing part might be the floor. Jamie added pigments that match the mural to epoxy and then swirled it all over the floor so it is just gorgeous. Add to that some of the pigments glow in the dark and it just makes their little playroom under the stairs totally cool.

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