Winterfest 2022

A couple weeks ago Mayci performed at the Winterfest at a hospital near us. We decided to take Zeke, Anthony, and Nicholas and also Ani and Haley along with us.

Adrian volunteered for the afternoon getting 3 1/2 of the 25 hours he needs this school year out of the way. Nicky’s favorite thing to do was the obstacle course Adrian was helping to run. He went through it so many times.

All four kids loved the ferris wheel. All but Nicholas went on it twice (he was too busy going through the obstacle course over and over).

We should’ve sent Anthony and Nicholas on the spinning ride together. I bet they would’ve had it going real good. Both Mayci and Zeke actively worked to slow down the speed of the spin Anthony and Nicky tried to get them to.

Nicholas declared the swings “too scary” but Anthony, Mayci, and Zeke, liked them. Anthony was very excited to ride them with a little girl who was in his class last year at school.

We don’t get much snow in Texas so they make some for the Winterfest every year. The kids all quite liked going down the snow slide and having a snowball fight in the snow pit.

Mayci was the only one who wanted to try the rock climbing wall. This is about how high she got. She’s definitely my kid. I once went rock climbing and that’s about how high I made it, too.

This slide was another one they all liked. We could hardly keep Nicholas off it. He slid down so many times. One time the line had cleared out and he literally ran up the stairway to get to the top (not an easy thing to do).

Seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus was the highlight of the day for all the kids Nicky got a little nervous once he was face to face with the big guy, but relaxed once he was in his big sister’s lap.

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