Even More Days of Rider

On the twelfth day, Rider brought a secret message for the kids to solve. Of course Zeke did it right away. He loves the little games Rider brings.

On the thirteenth day, he brought a pin the heart on the Grinch game. He came ready to play with a blindfold over his eyes.

On the fourteenth day he brought a dish with Skittles and instructions to add hot water to make an amazing rainbow. Much to our surprise and excitement it worked just as promised. Very cool.

On the fifteenth day he was sleepy so he took a nap. The kids made sure to tell me to be quiet so as not to disturb him.

On the sixteenth day he brought an Among Us cutout. I didn’t think the kids would understand that one but it turns out Zeke’s friend has told him all about the game so he recognized it immediately.

On the seventeenth day Rider dressed himself as a Hershey’s Kiss and brought a few for the kids to eat.

On the eighteenth day he came down with the dreaded Elf Pox. The North Pole doctor sent a not saying how to take care of him as the spots disappear over the next few days.

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