January Owlcrate

January’s Owlcrate box was another great one. It came with a very heavy and nice drink cup (Ani took that home), a really, really nice totebag (I kept it), and a super nice measuring tape that winds itself back up when you squeeze it (I kept that one as well).

The pin this month is absolutely amazing. It’s hinged and opens like a book and is really heavy. It’s just so incredibly cool!

There was this light up thing that has a USB plug and a button on the cord. Clicking the button turns on a light in the base. It came with two clear inserts. One has a design in white and the other is completely clear. You can write on it with the included white dry erase marker. The light makes anything white glow yellow. It’s super cool. (Ani took that home to go on her desk and enjoy while she is working.)

The book is The Buried and the Bound by Rochelle Hassan which is the first in a planned trilogy. Based on the blurb it sounds like it’ll be a great one.

They really outdid themselves with the outside and inside of the covers are and the inside of the dust jacket. So, so beautiful. This month they printed the letter from the author right inside the front of the book. I hope they continue doing that because they always get lost and it would be nice to have the author’s thoughts to read anytime the book is picked up.

Sleepy Meds

The first ADHD medicine they gave Nicholas had bad side effects so they switched him to a different one. This one made him super sleepy the first few days. The first morning he took it he fell asleep in the van, fell asleep waiting for the doctor, and in the van on the way to school. His teacher said she had to walk him back and forth a bit at school to keep him awake, too.


The end of last month we got rain when it was very, very cold and so for two days we had ice everywhere. In San Antonio ice means the city pretty much shuts down.

The kids were off school for two days (which has led to a big fight on Facebook by some very entitled parents over when those days will be made up).

We lost several branches from the tree in our front yard. It looked pretty pathetic until the ice melted. We’ll have a lot more sun shining on our yard this summer though!

Vanderbilts for Adrian

At home we can always tell if Adrian remembered to take his Ritalin or not. And we weren’t sure just how well it was working, especially with a lot of missing assignments popping up at school. So his doctor asked us to have some of his teacher fill out the Vanderbilts so we can see how they think school is really going.

He chose to give it to his physics, computer science, and AP Human Geography teachers. That’s first period, last period, and somewhere in the middle of the day. Looking at what they marked, he is actually doing great in school. The medication is working and his ADHD is well controlled. That’s very good to know.

All of them noted his written expression is an issue, but that’s expected as he has dysgraphia. His physics teacher wrote in the comments that he’s very capable and while he does get distracted with devices he always gets his work in in the end.