Are You Kidding Me???

One day these kids will all sleep through night in their own beds. That day is not here yet. After a couple nights of Noah getting up at 4:30am my parents kept him with them for the night to see if he’d sleep through in there (he did). But of course with Noah gone Nicholas couldn’t allow us to sleep. No, he had to outdo his brother.

Nicholas woke up at 2.

Two. A. M.

I finally gave up and took his downstairs at 5:15. He got dressed and watched some Brainiacs and ate most of a Nutrigrain bar and cuddled his teddy while looking through his favorite book (still that same cookbook). And then he fell asleep.

What time did he fall asleep? 5:50. Ten minutes before the normal time to wake up. Since he was already dressed, we let him keep sleeping for almost an hour until we had to wake him up to go to school.

One day we’ll all sleep at night. I hope.

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