Zeke’s Glasses

Zeke failed his vision screener at the pediatrician when he was 7, but they weren’t sure if it was him not understanding the instructions and letters properly or that it was actually his vision. He failed it again at his 8-year-old checkup so off to the eye doctor we went.

As it turns out his vision is not too horrible. Seeing the board in the classroom could be an issue depending on how far away his seat is, but not even bad enough they’d usually suggest he wear glasses all the time.

The problem they found is that his eyeballs don’t sit quite evenly in their sockets causing him to see things a little bit doubled and causing his eyes to get strained as his brain tries to get them to work together properly. It’s not even enough that we’d ever notice it looking at his eyes.

So his glasses will have prisms in them. When she put a test prism in front of his eye he jumped a little, grinned, and relaxed saying it was so much easier to see the words he was looking at. She said even though he doesn’t have to he will probably want to wear his glasses all the time just because it will relax his eyes.

When he looked at the options for frames, he picked one, looked at himself in the mirror and said, “Wow! I look good!” I had him look at other frames, but he kept going back to the first pair he tried and so that is what he got (and he definitely does look good).

Tooth #2

Anthony hates loose teeth. He doesn’t want anyone – including himself – to touch his loose teeth. The first one got so loose he didn’t even realize when it fell out and he swallowed it. The permanent tooth was in by then. His second tooth the permanent tooth came in almost three months before we finally got him to let us take the baby tooth out. It took three of us to hold him in place and then I barely touched the loose tooth and it was out. He was pretty surprised when it popped out so easily. His prize for being brace and letting us get the loose tooth out was Sonic.

Cutting Meat

One of Nicholas’ favorite things to do is cut food into little cubes. He uses a butter knife and it’s impressive how well he cuts with such a not very sharp knife. He said they learned at school (using plastic knives). The other night we had flank steak for dinner and Nicky volunteered to cut the meat into small pieces for his siblings. He was quite focused and very proud of himself for the great job he did.

Sabrina Carpenter Concert #2

Last month I took my oldest two girls to the Sabrina Carpenter concert. I got the tickets for their birthdays (which were in February). I decided to get us the VIP sound check package mainly because I wanted them. I’m so glad I did. Sabrina sang two songs during the sound check and talked quite a bit which was quite fun.

After getting into place just a few rows back from the stage at 6:30, the opening act, Spill Tab, came out at 8 and performed for a half hour.

And then at 9 Sabrina began performing. She sang for an hour and a half straight. It was amazing. She is amazing. She was amazing the first time Ani and I saw her in 2016 when she was just 17. She’s even more amazing now at 23.

She performed most of the songs on Emails I Can’t Send and a handful of others. It was hot (outdoor venue at the end of March in south Texas) and we were packed in tight, but we screamed and sang and danced and had a wonderful time. Our feet were dying after four hours of standing on them but it was totally worth it. I will go see Sabrina Carpenter every time she performs in San Antonio. I just love her.

This Week’s Lunches and Snacks

This week Adrian, Nicholas, and Noah brought their lunches to school every day. Mayci had a field trip on Wednesday so she brought a completely disposable lunch that day. On Sunday Zeke asked if he could start bringing a snack box every day like Fritz, Adrian, and Noah and then Tuesday Anthony asked if he could, too, and then Mayci asked as well on Wednesday. So by the end of the week we had three lunches and six snack boxes going to school every day. This used up the fruit we had on hand faster than expected so Friday’s lunches and snacks had a very eclectic collection of fruits and vegetables.