A Sidewalk

When we first got Zeke whenever we went for a walk he called it a “sidewalk.” He doesn’t say that anymore and hasn’t for quite some time, but now Joel has started requesting going for a sidewalk sometimes. He’s quite a fun sidewalk companion. He spends the whole time holding my hand and not running ahead and singing his little heart out.

Sensory Rice

Ani is getting ready to open a little online shop selling dyed rice sensory kits. The rice comes out so pretty. A few weeks ago she had Anthony over and he got to play in some rice she had made.

Just touching the rice relaxed him so much. The color was beautiful and scooping and pouring made him very happy.

The wooden containers are a set I got for her to keep at her house with the rice she made for her little siblings. They were definitely a hit with Anthony.

He made a bit of a mess but that was okay because the rice is very easy to clean up. He played with the rice for quite a while.

Once he was done playing with the rice, he went right to bed and went to sleep quickly. That is not a common occurrence for Anthony. (Ani’s cat Azula liked the rice, too.)


When you have a more spirited child like Nicholas, one that has lots of trouble keeping his hands to himself, you worry a bit about him making friends. Especially if he’s super outgoing like Nicholas.

It turns out Nicholas has made a very best friend in another one of the pre-k classes at his school. The boys call each other “my brother.” They play together at recess and PE every day.

They got together at a trampoline park and were absolutely joined at the hip and so happy to be together. It’s such a relief to know that even with how much Nicholas is he’s making friends.

First Lost Tooth

Anthony had a very loose tooth for a few weeks. He was too afraid to let me pull it. And then a couple weeks ago he went to dance class with his tooth in his mouth and came home with it missing. He swallowed his tooth! I told him next time we’re pulling it before it gets to that point, especially since the adult tooth was already part way in behind it all crooked.

Daddy Doing Hair

Back when I pulled the ligaments in my back I couldn’t lift my right arm for a few days which meant I couldn’t do Mayci’s hair without severe pain. So Jamie stepped in and with my guidance he got her hair into a fine ponytail. Mayci did not trust him doing her hair at all. Her facial expressions were hilarious.