Pre-K Progress Reports

Nicholas and Noah got their final pre-k progress reports last week. They both are making progress on asking questions about new concepts and things they don’t understand. They have both mastered holding a writing tool with a functional grip, identifying their name in isolation, and taking to adults at school. Noah has also mastered drawing a person with a head, body, and limbs and Nicholas is making progress on that skill. They both engage in social play with the other children. (I have actually never seen evidence that Noah holds his writing tool correctly or can draw a person and he is only semi-verbal, but they always score him very high while Nicholas’ teacher is more realistic about what the kids can do.)


For Mother’s Day Haley and Ani came over and watched the kids while Jamie and I went to eat at Wild, an Asian Barbecue and Hot Pot.

The food was so good and it was really fun cooking it in the little barbecue pit in the middle of our table. The food was so good, too!

Some Costumes

I love when we are getting toward time for the dance showcase and costumes start coming home.

Mayci and Anthony are in a different ballet/jazz class than Nicholas, but they’ll dance together at the showcase. They will be dancing to What Else Can I Do? from Encanto.

These costumes are for their hip hop routine. They’ll be dancing to A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman.

This costume is for Mayci and Zeke’s ballet routine from their ballet/tap class. They’ll be dancing to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

One of these is for Zeke’s musical theater class and the other is for his acting class. He’s completely convinced that the black shirt is made from trash bags.

Tests are Done

The last few weeks our district has been doing STAAR, end of course, and AP testing. Adrian had one AP test (Human Geography) and one end of course (English I). He still has three more end of course tests to take over his next three years of high school (English II, Biology, and US History; he took the Algebra I end of course last year in 8th grade). Fritz had two AP tests (US History and English Language and Composition) and one end of course, his last one (US History). They had to be at their high school at 7:30 in the morning for their AP tests which meant us driving them all the way there way early in the morning, but the tests are all done and now we wait a couple months for the results. (All five end of course tests must be passed to graduate from high school here.)

Baby Beluga

Anthony performed in the kindergarten Baby Beluga show. They sang songs complete with hand motions and were just generally adorable. Their costumes were pajamas which made it extra fun.

The decorations were very cool and made mostly with pool noodles and balloons. The kids sang so well. They really did very well!

Church Sleeper

Noah was a bit fussy during the first part of church a couple weeks ago. Fritz ended up taking him and getting his noise reducing headphones (which Noah had ripped off his head a few minutes before) on him right and within minutes Noah was sound asleep. He stayed asleep being moved to my dad’s arms after Sacrament Meeting and then later to my mom’s arms and kept sleeping all the way to the end of church.