September Owlcrate

September’s Owlcrate Momento Mori box came with lots of great stuff. The book sounds like it’ll be really good, too.

It came with a really neat lantern that lights up (I kept it), a little jewelry box (Ani took that), a candle that neither of us liked the smell of, a drawstring bag (I kept that as well), a bag holder (I also kept that), and another luggage tag pin (which of course went right on my backpack purse).

The book was The Depths by Nicole Lesperance. The dust jacket is absolutely beautiful, probably the mot beautiful we’ve gotten yet. The inside covers are also gorgeous.

August Owlcrate

We got our August Owlcrate box a few weeks ago. It’s always fun to open those boxes and discover what they put in that month.

There was a tapestry (Ani took it home), an origami kit (Ani took that home, too), banana bread flavored tea (Ani took it home as well), and another Lord of the Rings bowl (it’s up on my shelf now).

I thought the luggage pin with the purples was my favorite, but this month’s light blue and beige is so incredibly pretty. There was also a zipper pull so of course the zipper pull and luggage pin have been added to my backpack.

The book this month is The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones. It sounds pretty good and the reversible dust jacket is so nice to look at. I’m looking forward to reading this one.

July Owlcrate

Getting an Owlcrate box is always so exciting. July’s box happened to be extra awesome. Like they put the coolest things possible in that box.

We got a bitter orange body mist. I kept that. It is fabulous just spraying it around the room. Smells so good. We also got a compact mirror that Ani took home with her. Then there was this silicone water bottle. It doesn’t make a sound if it gets tossed on the floor (I kept that, too).

Of course I kept the luggage tag pin and put it right on my mini backpack. The goblet charms were so pretty. Ani took that home. The reversible bowl cozy was beautiful and Ani took that home with her as well.

The book for the month was Violet Made of Thorn by Gina Chen. It sounds pretty good. The cover is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen (of course I think so with all that purple!).

The pretty cover extends to the inside. The printing on the book itself is gorgeous and the inside of the book jacket is so beautiful, too.

June Owlcrate

The book we got in our June Owlcrate box is Together We Burn by Isabel IbaƱez. It’s the first one I haven’t been very excited about. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be a good book. The dust jacket and embossing on the box’s cover is beautiful.

In the box we got a really pretty wooden comb (Ani took that home with her) and a luggage tag. I put it right on my mini backpack of course. It’s getting pretty crowded on there.

We also got a totebag and magnet (Ani took those as well) and a piece of art that is really pretty and made on a flexible, very thin piece of wood. We have that hanging in our kitchen right now but I might try to figure out how to hang it from my bookshelf. The box also included Pride and Prejudice with a very pretty cover.

May Owlcrate

The book for May’s Owlcrate box is Ballad & Dagger by Daniel Jose Older. It’s a Rick Riordan Presents book and sounds really good (and the Owlcrate dust jacket is gorgeous).

In the box was a Lord of the Rings bowl representing The Shire. It’s beautiful and is now up on my bookshelf. There were two pens that write so smoothly. Ani took one and I kept the other.

There was a wooden banner thing spelling out AS TRAVARS (to travel) and a cloth checkers and chess set. The pieces fit in an attached pocket and the whole thing folds up for storage or travel. Ani took both of those home with her.

This month’s luggage tag pin went right on my backpack. Of course it’s my favorite so far. All the purples! I love purple.

And of course there’s the signed book with the awesome reversible dust jack, the booklet about this month’s stuff, a bookmark, and a letter from the author. These Owlcrate boxes really are so much fun (and so far the books have been excellent!).

April Owlcrate Box

April’s theme for our Owlcrate box was Peek Behind the Curtain. As soon as I opened the box I could see the colors were gorgeous.

The book is Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor. Her letter explains where she got the ideas for what she wrote. It sounds like a super fun book!

The printing on the book with the lock and key theme is really pretty as are the endpapers. The book is signed by the author, too, of course. The reverse side of the dust jacket is truly lovely. What an amazing picture!

The box included all sorts of fun book-themed stuff. There was some ground coffee that’s chocolate eclair flavor (I hate the smell of coffee, but this smelled really good). Ani took that home with her. Then there was a wax seal kit I can’t wait to use.

Look at that beautiful design on the stamp and the gorgeous pink wax.

There was a microwave popcorn maker. Just add kernels and fold the flaps down and pop it in the microwave. Ani claimed that. The clock is so pretty as is the mouse pad. Ani took those home with her as well. I always get the luggage tag pin.

I put the luggage tag pin right on my backpack. Ani went home and made herself some popcorn and a cup of the coffee (and then immediately started shopping for more flavors because it was so good).


You never know what is going to trigger a kid. Zeke went to Ani’s apartment and was watching a movie while she made dinner. We didn’t even think about how the content might affect him. It was Zootopia. It’s made for kids. It’s one of Ani’s favorite movies. But there are drugs and some of the characters go nuts. And that was a huge trigger for my little boy.

March Owlcrate

Last month Ani and I decided to go halfsies on an Owlcrate subscription. Our first box was so much fun!

The book last month was A Forgery of Roses by Jessica S. Olson. I haven’t read it yet but it sounds like it’s going to be so good. The Owlcrate dust jacket is gorgeous (and reversible).

The edges are sprayed red. With the mostly black dust jacket those red edges are just gorgeous. It’s signed by the author, too.

The inside of the dust jacket is absolutely beautiful. The colors are so nice and the pictures so pretty. The outside of the book is embossed to match the outside of the jacket.

Along with the book we got a whole bunch of fun stuff inspired by various books. The hardest part was decided who gets what!

We got an art card binder. That is sitting on the shelf with the book (and lots of other books) with the March art displayed inside.

This is a book sleeve. Ani very quickly claimed that. Is so pretty and perfect for toting around a book inside.

This is a set of really neat bookish quotes stickers. Ani took it home to share with her roommates. Stickers and the littles don’t mix well.

The way age-defying face mask goes with The Picture of Dorian Gray is so perfect. We gave this to my mom to try out.

I claimed the literary luggage pin. It now lives on my mini backpack. I love how it looks on there. The colors go nicely together.

The final thing in the box was an embroidery kit. Haley was thrilled to be given it. Our April Owlcrate should be here any time. I can’t wait to see what it contains!