Last Monday Adrian got his braces put on. The orthodontist he goes to is so much nicer than the one the big kids went to. Even the waiting room feels nice and cozy and home-like.

Every dentist chair has a parent chair near it. I wasn’t allowed back with the big kids where they went. The assistant told Adrian everything she was going to do before she did it and showed him the equipment she was going to use.

In between steps he got to watch Toy Story. Every chair has a TV on the wall in front of it. Adrian loves Toy Story right now so having it to focus on was really good.

Then he was all prepped and it was time for the orthodontist to put the actual braces on his teeth.

He wasn’t a huge fan of the thing they had to put in his mouth to keep everything dry and how long he had to sit like that while the cement dried, but being able to watch Toy Story definitely helped.

The assistant showed him how to properly brush his teeth with his new braces and what all the goodies in his bag were for.

All done! He picked green bands this time. He was very excited to learn that he can pick a different color every appointment.