So fast, part 2

It’s always fascinating watching people drop their kids off at the elementary school. Sometimes I wonder what is taking them so long. I’ve seen cars sit for a full minute before the door finally opens and the kid gets out.

I don’t allow my kids to take a long time.

As soon as we pull into the school’s driveway we tell the kids to unbuckle and they move up by the sliding door and get their backpacks on. As soon as we stop where they can get out and head in we throw that door open. You’d be amazed at how fast I can say “Have a great day Anthony, I love you… Have a great day Mayci, I love you… Have a great day Zeke, I love you!” as they jump out of The Beast.

I kind of want to time it from door opening to door closing (Zeke is often the one to close it because he gets it shut properly on the first try way more often than the people helping with school dropoff) to see just how fast they get out.

Adrian’s favorite part of the day

Every weekday we get up at 6:20 to get the six littles ready for the day. We leave the house about 7 or so and drop Elijah and Mayci off at the elementary school. As they get out of the van I always say, “Have a great day Mayci, I love you! Have a great day Eli, I love you!”

Then we head to the daycare to drop the middle two off at preschool. As they head in to use hand sanitizer after getting their temperatures checked, I always say, “Have a great day Anthony, I love you! Have a great day Nicky, I love you!”

Then we head home with the babies. Adrian gets up at the same time as the littles so he can get ready for the day and do his morning chores. A little before 7:30 he heads out of the house to the bus and after he puts on his mask an backpack I always say, “Have a great day Adrian, I love you!”

He often says that is his favorite part of the day.

Third Quarter for the Littles

A week or so ago we got winter progress reports for the toddlers. They have skills and conduct requirements listed and mark beginning, making progress, or mastered for each.

No surprise Nicholas got making progress or mastered for everything and his teacher wrote that he is just a joy to have in the class. His personality is so much like his big sister. They both charm everyone.

Anthony has a little more trouble with a few concepts and behavior. He got mostly making progress and a couple mastered and beginning. His conduct in class is mostly between beginning and making progress which is a big improvement from a few months ago.

Early elementary grades are 1s, 2s, or 3s and are more like the toddlers’ beginning, making progress, and mastered idea than grades.

Elijah got all 3s in music, PE, and health and mostly 2s and 3s with just a few 1s in conduct, reading, math, science, and social studies. He can orally count to 39 with no mistakes and can identify all letters, both upper and lowercase, and their sounds (though the sound y makes trips him up a bit still).

Mayci got all 3s in PE, science, social studies, conduct, and fine arts. She got mostly 3s and a few 2s (no 1s) in language arts, reading, and math. She can identify all the uppercase letters and all but two lowercase letters and the sounds all letters make. She can count to 29 orally with no mistakes and objects up to 16.