So much cereal

My little kids love cereal. They’d eat it every day if we let them. They can demolish a smaller box of cereal in one sitting. So it was pretty great when Jamie discovered a cart with 27 retro Halloween boxes of cereal on clearance.

As it turns out you get some weird looks when you buy 27 boxes of cereal at once, but they were only 99 cents a box! That is not the kind of deal we can pass up. The kids were so excited when he got home with all this cereal and, of course, wanted to eat some right away (even though they had just had breakfast not long before).

Helping With Thanksgiving Dinner

I’ve been sick for several weeks with a respiratory thing. After prepping some things for Thanksgiving Wednesday night I woke up quite a it worse on Thanksgiving. Luckily we had already arranged for Cameron to come help cook Thursday morning.

Zeke jumped in and helped for a while, too. He worked hard on the green bean casserole. He loves helping in the kitchen (he also loves flashing that peace sign in pictures which totally cracks me up).

One of the things Cameron helped make was the stuffing. Chopping the onions for it of course made his eyes tear so I told him putting your head in the freezer can help stop the tears so he did it. Opened up the freezer and stuck his head right in (as it turns out it didn’t help much).

The best part of the picture I took with Cameron’s head in the freezer, though, was my mom. She got quite the kick out of him doing that. The only thing better than having much needed help with cooking Thanksgiving dinner is having fun while you do it!

This Week’s Lunches and Snacks

Anthony spent the night at his big sisters’ apartment Sunday night so he helped pack his own lunch and snack for Monday while he was there.

Anthony bought his lunch in the cafeteria on Thursday (he loves their pizza) so no lunch from home needed for him that day.

Zeke bought his lunch in the cafeteria on Friday (he picked chicken tenders). Mayci and Nicky so far have declined the offer of buying lunch once a week. They like their lunches from home better than cafeteria food.

I Must Work for a Daycare

The other day as we left SamsClub an older woman looked at my overflowing cart and said I must work for a daycare. I told her no, I just have a lot of kids. She seemed very confused by what I was saying and walked away mumbling about how I was wrong, it must be for a daycare. Wonder what she would’ve thought if it was a monthly shopping trip with three carts and six kids with us!