This Week’s Lunches and Snacks

Anthony spent the night at his big sisters’ apartment Sunday night so he helped pack his own lunch and snack for Monday while he was there.

Anthony bought his lunch in the cafeteria on Thursday (he loves their pizza) so no lunch from home needed for him that day.

Zeke bought his lunch in the cafeteria on Friday (he picked chicken tenders). Mayci and Nicky so far have declined the offer of buying lunch once a week. They like their lunches from home better than cafeteria food.

I Must Work for a Daycare

The other day as we left SamsClub an older woman looked at my overflowing cart and said I must work for a daycare. I told her no, I just have a lot of kids. She seemed very confused by what I was saying and walked away mumbling about how I was wrong, it must be for a daycare. Wonder what she would’ve thought if it was a monthly shopping trip with three carts and six kids with us!

Lunches and Snacks This Week

We pack the kids’ lunches and snacks in Easy Lunchboxes containers. We decided to go with the five compartment ones for lunch and that sees to be working well.

We try to vary what they get, though there is always a sandwich in the lunch, a fruit in both the lunch and snack box, and some sort of treat in the lunch.

We have to be a little bit careful packing the snacks and lunches because Adrian is gluten free and Noah is in a peanut/tree nut free classroom due to a classmates’ allergy. And, of course, we take personal tastes into account (for example, Zeke HATES peanut butter and jelly, but most of his younger siblings love it (Noah eats sunbutter and jelly).

All the kids in school except Fritz get a lunch (he gets free lunch at his school) and all seven of them get a snack. Noah gets two snacks. Little learners get very hungry apparently. Very little comes home after school and what does the others are more than happy to eat so almost nothing goes to waste.

Taste Test

In an effort to reduce wasted food, I decided to have a taste testing with the seven kids who will be in school this year to see what they like for their lunches and snacks.

I didn’t realize I had bought quite so many snacks. I’ve been building up my supply over the last three weeks.

The result was that Noah liked absolutely everything. Most foods were liked by all seven (or the six who can eat gluten depending on what the food was). Everything was liked by at least three people.

Worst Meals Ever

I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done a couple weeks ago. The procedures themselves were no big deal. The prep, however, was awful starting with a day of the worst meals of my life.

Breakfast was lime jello, apple juice, ginger ale, and water. Two things I really do not like are apple juice and jello.

My first snack was lemon jello and water. Lemon jello is definitely better than lime jello, but it’s still jello and I still don’t like it.

Lunch was orange jello, chicken bouillon, apple juice, and water. Orange jello is somewhere between lemon and lime jello. The bouillon was a really nice change from all jello.

My second snack was ginger ale and water. Now, I don’t count ginger ale as a snack but I guess my gastroenterologist does. At least it wasn’t just more jello.

At 5pm I had to drink the prep along with a half gallon of water (over the next five hours). The prep was supposed to be cranberry flavored. I guess it was if you figure it was made by someone who has absolutely no idea what cranberries taste like.

Dinner was lime jello, chicken bouillon, apple juice, and water. At least the bouillon was good. The jello definitely wasn’t.

My third and final snack was lemon jello and water. It wasn’t too bad, mainly because I knew it was the last time I’d have to eat jello for the the foreseeable future.

I had to eat these horrible meals on Anthony’s birthday so I missed out on the pizza he chose for dinner and the cake he had. Jamie put a candle in my jello to try to cheer me up. It really did help.

At 7am I had to drink another bottle of the prep and 48 ounces of water over the next two hours. Honestly that stuff could’ve been labeled strawberry or cucumber and it would’ve taste as much like those as it tasted like cranberries.

The colonoscopy and endoscopy revealed a perfectly healthy esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Absolutely no issues physically or microscopically. And now I don’t have to do it again for an entire decade. Thank goodness. I really don’t like jello.

A Date With Nicky

If you ask Nicky what he wants to eat he always says pizza. So for his two-on-one date a few weeks ago we went to Purple Garlic where they have some excellent gluten free pizza. He spent over 20 minutes coloring on the kids’ menu.

Once he got tired of coloring (and had covered pretty much the whole paper), he unwrapped all our silverware and did some swordfighting.

It takes 25-30 minutes for pizzas to get done there since they are made fresh so we pulled out the Fire and got him set up watching some Baby Shark videos and a couple minutes later our food arrived.

He was very excited to get his pizza. He loved it and ate the whole thing. Pizza really is his favorite food.

At some point our server came to fill our water and Nicky showed her his coloring and then gave it to her. She promised to put it up in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy.

A Date With Noah

A few weeks ago we took Noah on his every couple month two-on-one date to Fish City Grill. I was in the mood for shrimp and they have a gluten free menu and Noah will eat anything so off we went.

Waiting for your food is not easy when you are little, but they had saltine crackers on the table and Noah thought they tasted pretty great.

We ordered fish and chips for him. The kids meal came with so much food! I wasn’t sure he’d be able to eat it all but he nearly did. He left just 2/3 of one fish stick behind. Noah doesn’t say much spontaneously, but he was very clear saying “No more” when he got full.

Jamie had gotten his salad with oil and vinegar (red wine vinegar) so I jokingly said Noah should dip his fries in the leftover vinegar. At first he made a face, but then he decided it was yummy and ended up dipping the rest of his fries before he ate them. His British Nan would be proud!

It’s truly fun hanging out with one kid at a time. They always make us laugh in some way. For example, Noah holding his chosen lovey in The Beast. Some kids cuddle stuffed animals, some cuddle blankies. My son cuddles a big old dump truck!