I Must Work for a Daycare

The other day as we left SamsClub an older woman looked at my overflowing cart and said I must work for a daycare. I told her no, I just have a lot of kids. She seemed very confused by what I was saying and walked away mumbling about how I was wrong, it must be for a daycare. Wonder what she would’ve thought if it was a monthly shopping trip with three carts and six kids with us!

August Owlcrate

We got our August Owlcrate box a few weeks ago. It’s always fun to open those boxes and discover what they put in that month.

There was a tapestry (Ani took it home), an origami kit (Ani took that home, too), banana bread flavored tea (Ani took it home as well), and another Lord of the Rings bowl (it’s up on my shelf now).

I thought the luggage pin with the purples was my favorite, but this month’s light blue and beige is so incredibly pretty. There was also a zipper pull so of course the zipper pull and luggage pin have been added to my backpack.

The book this month is The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones. It sounds pretty good and the reversible dust jacket is so nice to look at. I’m looking forward to reading this one.

A Weekend With My, Like, BFF

A few weeks ago I went on a quick weekend trip to Utah. I flew first class which meant plenty of elbow room and a real glass for my soda. And dinner on the way there. It was quite a comfortable ride and a very nice treat.

We went up to Park City where it is absolutely beautiful. The view from the deck of our AirBnB was amazing.

One day we drove up in the Uintas to almost 10,000 feet to Provo Falls. Gorgeous. It’s hard to breathe at that high of an elevation when you are used to much closer to sea level.

The Falls were worth the trouble breathing. Also, I was totally ready to video if my best friend fell in so we could watch it and laugh about it later. Because we’re that kind of friends.

We talk on the phone pretty much every day, but the last time I saw Kimberlee in person the twins weren’t even six months old. It was a short, but fun weekend!

Lunches and Snacks This Week

We pack the kids’ lunches and snacks in Easy Lunchboxes containers. We decided to go with the five compartment ones for lunch and that sees to be working well.

We try to vary what they get, though there is always a sandwich in the lunch, a fruit in both the lunch and snack box, and some sort of treat in the lunch.

We have to be a little bit careful packing the snacks and lunches because Adrian is gluten free and Noah is in a peanut/tree nut free classroom due to a classmates’ allergy. And, of course, we take personal tastes into account (for example, Zeke HATES peanut butter and jelly, but most of his younger siblings love it (Noah eats sunbutter and jelly).

All the kids in school except Fritz get a lunch (he gets free lunch at his school) and all seven of them get a snack. Noah gets two snacks. Little learners get very hungry apparently. Very little comes home after school and what does the others are more than happy to eat so almost nothing goes to waste.

August Reads

I only read four books this months which is way low for me. The beginning of the school year for seven kids plus having only one at home has taken a lot of my time (I swear it almost takes more time to just have one rather than three). Plus the first book I read (to myself) this month I really didn’t enjoy so I found reasons not to read it way too often rather than just getting it done. Those four books equal 1,026 pages read.

I started off the month finishing reading The Left-Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix to the big boys for their bedtime story. I gave it two stars. It just was not really good and super wordy and kind of boring. Then it took me forever to read the relatively short Murder by the Slice by Mary Maxwell. I gave it 1 star. It was just really bad.

Things started looking up when I read Holly Banks Full of Angst by Julie Valerie. I gave it 4 stars. It was funny and relatable and over the top. I laughed out loud a lot reading that one. I finished the month on a high note with A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion. I gave it 5 stars. When I saw the author was offering her new book as an ARC to early readers/reviewers, I jumped at the chance. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read by her so I knew I’d like this one as well. I definitely was not wrong about that!

My favorite book of the month: A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion

My least favorite book of the month: Murder by the Slice by Mary Maxwell

Number of 5 Star Books: 1
Number of 4 Star Books: 1
Number of 3 Star Books: 0
Number of 2 Star Books: 1
Number of 1 Star Books: 1

78/100 books read for my goal of the year… 22 to go!

My September TBR includes all the books from August rolled over onto it plus The Final Gambit and All of Us Villains for a total of 15 books. Hopefully September will be a much better reading month!