The Ceiling Fell Down

The other day Jamie went upstairs and noticed a big bubble in the ceiling. He popped it and lots of water poured out. We had been having issues with one of our air conditioning units leaking water so he immediately called the HVAC people for them to come find the problem.

Between the time they figured out the problem (a hole in the internal drip pan) and they came to fix it we were woken up at 4am by what sounded like someone falling down the stairs (followed by no sound which, as a parent, is a terrifying thing to experience).

A large section of the ceiling and insulation had fallen down due to the water leak. We cleaned up as much as we could at 4am and went back to bed. We figured the kids would be kind of freaked out by it when they saw it in the morning, but no. They were all like oh, that’s weird, and that’s it!

The drip pan has been replaced and the ceiling is partially done being fixed. They figure the hole in the drip pan was either a manufacturer’s defect or damage from a forklift in the factory. Luckily it was still under warranty so we didn’t have to pay for the part, just the labor.

We took Nicholas to Jurassic Quest

For his birthday in July we gave Nicholas tickets to go to Jurassic Quest.

The day finally arrived last Saturday.

He was so excited to see all the dinosaurs.

He was 100% sure they were all real.

He was a little afraid of some of them.

He got to ride a dinosaur!

And dig for fossils.

He met a baby dinosaur.

And a Utahraptor, too.

He ate an entire icee all by himself.

And got to drive a jeep (his favorite thing).

Jurassic Quest was so much fun it wore him out!

Worst Meals Ever

I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done a couple weeks ago. The procedures themselves were no big deal. The prep, however, was awful starting with a day of the worst meals of my life.

Breakfast was lime jello, apple juice, ginger ale, and water. Two things I really do not like are apple juice and jello.

My first snack was lemon jello and water. Lemon jello is definitely better than lime jello, but it’s still jello and I still don’t like it.

Lunch was orange jello, chicken bouillon, apple juice, and water. Orange jello is somewhere between lemon and lime jello. The bouillon was a really nice change from all jello.

My second snack was ginger ale and water. Now, I don’t count ginger ale as a snack but I guess my gastroenterologist does. At least it wasn’t just more jello.

At 5pm I had to drink the prep along with a half gallon of water (over the next five hours). The prep was supposed to be cranberry flavored. I guess it was if you figure it was made by someone who has absolutely no idea what cranberries taste like.

Dinner was lime jello, chicken bouillon, apple juice, and water. At least the bouillon was good. The jello definitely wasn’t.

My third and final snack was lemon jello and water. It wasn’t too bad, mainly because I knew it was the last time I’d have to eat jello for the the foreseeable future.

I had to eat these horrible meals on Anthony’s birthday so I missed out on the pizza he chose for dinner and the cake he had. Jamie put a candle in my jello to try to cheer me up. It really did help.

At 7am I had to drink another bottle of the prep and 48 ounces of water over the next two hours. Honestly that stuff could’ve been labeled strawberry or cucumber and it would’ve taste as much like those as it tasted like cranberries.

The colonoscopy and endoscopy revealed a perfectly healthy esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Absolutely no issues physically or microscopically. And now I don’t have to do it again for an entire decade. Thank goodness. I really don’t like jello.

A Date With Nicky

If you ask Nicky what he wants to eat he always says pizza. So for his two-on-one date a few weeks ago we went to Purple Garlic where they have some excellent gluten free pizza. He spent over 20 minutes coloring on the kids’ menu.

Once he got tired of coloring (and had covered pretty much the whole paper), he unwrapped all our silverware and did some swordfighting.

It takes 25-30 minutes for pizzas to get done there since they are made fresh so we pulled out the Fire and got him set up watching some Baby Shark videos and a couple minutes later our food arrived.

He was very excited to get his pizza. He loved it and ate the whole thing. Pizza really is his favorite food.

At some point our server came to fill our water and Nicky showed her his coloring and then gave it to her. She promised to put it up in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy.

Mayci Lost a Tooth

The other day Jamie and Mayci were both coming around a corner in opposite directions and collided pretty hard. Mayci’s mouth started bleeding and we soon discovered it was because she had a loose tooth that was knocked extra loose. Suddenly crashing into her Daddy was no longer a sad thing but instead an exciting thing. She brought me a paper towel and asked me to try to pull it out (it popped right out) and so life became awesome with a missing front tooth.