Hanging Around, aka Oh, Dear, We Are in Trouble

The other day we discovered the twins can climb over our old fence gate. Luckily that one is going to be removed once the new fence is completed, but for now if they climb over they can escape from the yard completely. It’s actually quite impressive watching them climb over. Noah’s shorts got caught on the top of the gate and he was just so happy hanging up there until we got him down. Needless to say those two are being watched very closely when they are in the backyard now.

I Must Work for a Daycare

The other day as we left SamsClub an older woman looked at my overflowing cart and said I must work for a daycare. I told her no, I just have a lot of kids. She seemed very confused by what I was saying and walked away mumbling about how I was wrong, it must be for a daycare. Wonder what she would’ve thought if it was a monthly shopping trip with three carts and six kids with us!

Joel Meets Cool Whip

Twelve years ago Adrian played in Cool Whip and then he did it again eight years ago.

The other day I finally got around to letting Joel play with Cool Whip. At first Joel wouldn’t touch it with his hands.

Eventually he was willing to touch it with his hands just enough to put little bites in his mouth.

Eventually he discovered he could smear the Cool Whip on his hands onto the table and that was very fun.

He didn’t love the mess he was making, though, so he went and got a spoon. Eating the Cool Whip was much more fun than playing in it.

But then he got over it and smeared the Cool Whip all over himself, the table, and floor.

Matching Feet

We only got new shoes for Noah before the school year started since Joel was staying home. This was not okay with the twins. Every day was a battle to get the shoes on Noah only and to convince Joel to wear a different pair. Finally I decided it wasn’t worth it and ordered a second, identical, pair of shoes for Joel. Now the twins are very happy they have matching feet.