Zeke and Mayci’s Final Grades

Zeke and Mayci both did fabulous this year. They both worked so hard and their grades totally reflected that.

Language Arts – B (83%, 84% for the year)
Math – B (84%, 78% for the year)
Social Studies – A (90%, 83% for the year)
Science – B (89%, 86% for the year)
He got Satisfactories in Conduct and Health (Excellent for the year) and Excellents in Art, Theater Arts, Music, and PE.

Language Arts – A (99%, 97% for the year)
Math – B (86%, 92% for the year)
Social Studies – A (100%, 99% for the year)
Science – A (100%, 97% for the year)
She got Excellents in Conduct, Health, Art, Theater Arts, Music, and PE.

Spring Showcase

Last weekend was the spring dance showcase. This time the theme was Alice in Wonderland. It’s absolutely amazing to see the growth of all the kids from one showcase to another. They all work so hard and the show was absolutely amazing!

For the first time Zeke didn’t fight me on getting makeup put on. At his house before us toys and things were very gendered so he was quite uncomfortable with wearing makeup on stage. Now he understands about the lights and sees that the other boys wear makeup, too, while they are performing so it’s okay with him now. Zeke opted to wait until he was backstage to put on his first costume. Mayci actually needed a different one for her first number so she had to change before the show (they were there an hour before it started so plenty of time to get the right costume on).

Mayci’s first number was junior acro to the song Lost by Maroon 5. That is her favorite type of dance right now and she’s getting to take a weekly class of it through the summer which makes her very happy (plus she’ll be taking a one week junior acro camp and helping in a mini acro camp).

Since Mayci is 6 and really hadn’t had much dance experience before last August she’s been taking mostly mini age classes this year. She’s tall for her age so she towers over the other kids in most of her classes. But junior acro is 6-12 year olds making her one of the smallest in the class. This means she got to do a couple lifts where she was the one being lifted.

Mayci and Anthony did a mini hip hop dance to A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman. Their costumes were very much Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation time period.

Zeke and Mayci did a ballet dance to Shake It Off. Zeke was totally wearing a formal tuxedo outfit complete with a bow tie.

Mayci is very good at doing cartwheels. She and one of her Munchkin teammates who was also taking ballet/tap with Zeke and Mayci did cartwheels across the stage in the middle of the song.

Zeke’s progressed so much in his musical theater and acting classes this year. He gave his lines with good voice inflection. This arms in the air while cheering about something is so totally him. I love that they wrote that into his part. Notice he’s the only one with something on under his t-shirt. This scene came immediately after the ballet dance. He went backstage where someone was waiting with his t-shirt. They quickly removed his bow tie and put the t-shirt on him and he was right back on stage.

Mayci, Anthony, and Nicholas did a jazz dance to What Else Can I Do? from Encanto. I absolutely love the costumes for this one. The fiesta dresses for the girls are beautiful and the guayabera shirts for the boys are so nice.

Best part of the dance for the kids was getting to use the ribbons near the end of it. Who doesn’t love waving a ribbon around after all.

Mayci’s last number was a jazz dance to Teenage Drama Queen with her Munchkin team. They didn’t really start learning it until after their competition. I’m impressed with how well they did with just a few weeks of practice.

Mayci will be on the competition team again next year. One of her teammates is moving up to Juniors and they are adding a little girl who was in mini hip hop and ballet/jazz with Mayci and Anthony this year.

They got to use feather boas for their dance. Every Tuesday and Thursday I’ve been picking feathers out of her hair and dance bag. Looking at how many feathers were left on the stage, I’m surprised there are any left on the boas at this point!

School’s Out

Yesterday was the last day for the 2022-23 school year. Now we have a 75 day summer break. In August we’ll have two in pre-k (at two different schools since Noah will still be in ECSE), one in kindergarten, one in first grade, one in second grade, one in third grade, and a sophomore and a senior in high school.

Fritz is all done his junior year. When he unloaded his backpack he saved a pile of stuff and said there was information about applying to college in there because that’s coming up quick. He took AP US History this year and while it was a lot of work he also learned a lot.

Adrian finished his freshman year. He loves DATA in spite of the long bus ride (his best friend is going to another magnet at the same school next year, though, so the bus ride will be a bonus. There were three or four fires set at their school the last few months so he did indeed learn what happens when there is arson. He said he won’t have holidays because he’ll be going to summer school for six weeks (taking art and PE so he can get all the appropriate credits to graduate because of iCSI).

Zeke completed second grade. I have no idea where he got play tennis for what he plans to do over the summer. He’ll be playing some other sports, but not tennis. He doesn’t know why he said that either.

Mayci finished first grade. Of course she said she wants to do her summer workbook this summer because she loves school and anything that looks like school. The year was a little rough due to having a completely inexperienced teacher, but we made it through! I just hope Anthony doesn’t get her next year.

Anthony finished kindergarten. It turns out the kid is crazy smart, incredibly ADHD, and a little bit lazy and stubborn (maybe more like a lot stubborn). If Nicholas doesn’t get the teacher Anthony (and Mayci) had for kindergarten I’m going to be sad because I absolutely love her. Then again, if he has the other kinder teacher we’ll have collected the whole set (when I said that once a principal said they should totally make teacher trading cards so you can collect them all).

Nicholas finished pre-k. By walker he means the way he gets home from school. I always love how little kids answer the what do you want to be when you grow up question. I’m sad that the teacher he (and Mayci and Anthony) had for pre-k is retiring this year so Joel won’t have her. The assistant principal said they hired an amazing replacement, though, and I’ll love her.

Noah has completed pre-k3. I love that he wants to be Noah when he grows up (and even very carefully spelled it out for me). He’s made amazing progress this progress this year and his teachers both said they hope to get him in their class again next year because they just love him. It’ll be nice when he’s in kindergarten and they all go to the same school and no longer have to get him on and off his bus and deal with a second elementary school, though!

And then there’s Joel who got to be the only one at home this whole school year. He got incredibly spoiled and has been my dad’s shadow (not sure who is going to miss the other more – probably my dad since Joel will be busy in school). I love that he said he wants to be a grown up when he grows up.

Some Costumes

I love when we are getting toward time for the dance showcase and costumes start coming home.

Mayci and Anthony are in a different ballet/jazz class than Nicholas, but they’ll dance together at the showcase. They will be dancing to What Else Can I Do? from Encanto.

These costumes are for their hip hop routine. They’ll be dancing to A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman.

This costume is for Mayci and Zeke’s ballet routine from their ballet/tap class. They’ll be dancing to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

One of these is for Zeke’s musical theater class and the other is for his acting class. He’s completely convinced that the black shirt is made from trash bags.

This Week’s Lunches and Snacks

Adrian and Noah took lunch every day this week. Mayci and Anthony did Monday through Wednesday and Nicholas did Tuesday and Wednesday. All seven of them took snack boxes Monday through Wednesday, Fritz and Adrian did every day, and Noah did Friday as well as Monday through Wednesday (he had a doctor’s appointment Thursday so wasn’t at school during snack time).


The Munchkin Company Team’s score earned them a platinum! They did so good. We were all just so proud of them and they were proud of themselves, too.

They earned a trophy for the studio and each kid got a medal to take home. I’m sure this is just the first of many trophies and medals we’ll see the Munchkins earn (tryouts for next year’s team: this Saturday).

A Minute and a Half on Stage

After all the waiting it was finally time for the kids to get on the stage and perform their routine. It was really competition time!

These kids auditioned for the newly formed Munchkin team (previously competition at our studio was for 8+) back in August. We’ve got six girls and one boy on the team. The youngest is 5, the oldest is 9. They competes in the 7 and under category.

Twice a week for an hour each time they practice. They’ve performed Bad to the Bone previously at the winter showcase, Winterfest, and the San Antonio Aquarium. They’ll perform it one more time at the spring showcase later this month.

These kids have truly become friends over the course of the last nine months. They all get along so well and are so supportive of each other. Our dance studio really fosters that kind of environment.

Their dancing has also improved over the months. Mayci’s gotten quite good for her age (with six hours of dance a week I’d be surprised if she hadn’t improved so much). A minute and a half on stage and a cartwheel from Mayci and another dancer and they were done!