It Might Be a Long Year

Mayci’s teacher is brand new this year. She is young and has no children and some things she does shows that immaturity as a teacher. Mayci will be fine no matter what but it might be a long year.

Her teacher does things like giving mass punishments for the whole class even if only of few were misbehaving and writing every little thing down in the communication folder (things like Mayci was being silly and laughing at other kids playing around).

In first grade, kids need to read 200 books (or 200 chapters if they are reading chapter books) by May. In the first ten days of doing their reading logs Mayci read 22 books. I don’t see that as a lot of books, but her teacher apparently does. Mayci came home saying her teacher said she reads too fast. And then we got this note in the reading folder:

I already was doing that. She definitely knows what the story is about and can give details after reading. Just because a child (who is an excellent reader) reads quickly it does not mean they are not paying attention to what they are reading. I have to wonder if two or three days after reading a book a teacher asked her questions about it that she couldn’t remember and so her teacher decided she wasn’t actually comprehending what she was reading (never mind it is totally normal to not remember details of one of many books read even the next morning at her age). I ignored the note and will keep letting her read just as fast as she wants to.

This Week’s Lunches and Snacks

Anthony spent the night at his big sisters’ apartment Sunday night so he helped pack his own lunch and snack for Monday while he was there.

Anthony bought his lunch in the cafeteria on Thursday (he loves their pizza) so no lunch from home needed for him that day.

Zeke bought his lunch in the cafeteria on Friday (he picked chicken tenders). Mayci and Nicky so far have declined the offer of buying lunch once a week. They like their lunches from home better than cafeteria food.

Dance Camps

This summer the kids (especially Mayci) spent lots of time at dance camps (plus a sports camp for Zeke). They all had a great time and it helped break up our days.

Mayci started the summer with princess camp. One day her teacher even came in dressed as Belle ready for the ball. That was an exciting day for all the girls.

Mayci, Nicky, Noah, and Joel did a ballet and jazz camp. The boys were kind of crazy but they had tons of fun. One day we went to pick them up and Joel was sound asleep, totally worn out by all the activity.

Mayci’s next adventure was Encanto camp. They danced to We Don’t Talk About Bruno. She had a ball at that one. After all, she absolutely loves Encanto!

Zeke did a two day Disney sing-a-long camp and then did musical theater camp. He really enjoyed being on stage when he did the acting class at school, but add in singing and dancing and that’s his idea of heaven (he loved it so much he’s taking musical theater at the dance studio this year).

Mayci and Anthony took acro camp where they both enjoyed dancing and flipping and stretching. Mayci was made for acro with how bendy she is (she’ll be taking acro class this year).

Ballet camp is where Mayci discovered not only does she enjoy doing ballet, she is good at it. Anthony, who had never taken ballet at all before this camp, learned so much including the correct terms for some of the moves. Mayci was disappointed to discover she’s too young still for a ballet-only class, but that’s okay. She’s taking a ballet/tap combo and a ballet/jazz combo this year so between the two of them it’ll be like she’s getting a whole ballet class after all.

The last week of summer all four of the older little ones went to camp. Anthony and Nicholas took hip hop. My new favorite thing is little kids hip hop dancing. So of course Anthony will be taking hip hop this year.

While Anthony and Nicholas were doing hip hop, Zeke and Mayci were doing ballet and tap. Zeke loves tap (so of course he’s taking ballet/tap with Mayci this year).

This summer of dancing ended in Mayci winning a spot on the competition team and us picking out classes that will put at least one kid at the studio five days a week. Apparently dance is our life now.