Medicaid and WIC

All foster kids automatically get Medicaid and WIC. Special needs adoptions continue to receive Medicaid and so can also continue with WIC.

Last week I filled out the paperwork for the kids’ adoptive Medicaid. We had four choices for medical and two for dental. I tried to go on-line to make my choices, but that didn’t work for either of the two I tried, one because it attached him to other family members and wanted me to change their Medicaid along with his and the other because he was “too young” to do it online. So I gave up and mailed the forms in.

WIC has been quite a pain with mistakes they’ve made that have required extra trips to the office and how slow they are when we are there. It’s paid for more than half of the twins’ formula, though, so that has been good. The benefit for older kids isn’t a whole lot and I’m not sure how long the hassle will be worth it.

Dealing with these programs makes me realize just how not user friendly they are. Just how much they don’t truly serve the people they are meant to serve simply by how difficult they make it. It’s no wonder some people quit using the programs or give up while still trying to sign up.