Done With Middle School

Adrian has absolutely loved these past two years in middle school. He has grown and matured and learned so much. He was quite sad when he got home Friday because his final year there has come to an end.

He did amazing his last quarter of middle school, especially since he was so far behind just two months ago (a lot of work and an increase in his medication dosage helped get him back on track).

Spanish 1B – C 72%
(73% on the semester exam; 74% for the semester; 76% for the year)
Fundamentals of Computer Science – A 100%
(97% for the semester; 96% for the year)
Health – B 89%
(86% on the semester exam; 92% for the semester – it’s a one semester course)
Science – A 91%
(92% for the semester; 95% for the year)
American History – A 94%
(90% for the semester; 90% for the year)
Algebra I – B 85%
(99% on the semester exam; 88% for the semester; 88% for the year)
ELAR – B 85%
(89% for the semester; 89% for the year)
(*semester exams were only taken in classes he earned high school credit in)

In 10 1/2 weeks Adrian will begin high school at DATA (computer science pathway of course… just look at that computer science grade this quarter) and iCSI. Before then, though, he’ll be taking a couple weeks of camps at Code Ninjas and will be teaching some of his little siblings how to play Minecraft and maybe Roblox and working with his father to prepare more for his IT Fundamentals certification test he’ll be taking next year.

Adrian’s in the NJHS

Adrian was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society a couple weeks ago. Apparently he was invited last year but didn’t understand what the paper meant so he didn’t apply. This year, however, he decided to apply and got in.

He was so incredibly excited and proud of himself. This represents a lot of hard work and determination. He couldn’t stop grinning this crazy giant grin.

Adrian’s favorite part of the day

Every weekday we get up at 6:20 to get the six littles ready for the day. We leave the house about 7 or so and drop Elijah and Mayci off at the elementary school. As they get out of the van I always say, “Have a great day Mayci, I love you! Have a great day Eli, I love you!”

Then we head to the daycare to drop the middle two off at preschool. As they head in to use hand sanitizer after getting their temperatures checked, I always say, “Have a great day Anthony, I love you! Have a great day Nicky, I love you!”

Then we head home with the babies. Adrian gets up at the same time as the littles so he can get ready for the day and do his morning chores. A little before 7:30 he heads out of the house to the bus and after he puts on his mask an backpack I always say, “Have a great day Adrian, I love you!”

He often says that is his favorite part of the day.