She’s Bad to the Bone

Mayci has performed publicly with her dance team a few times now. The first time was at Winterfest, then at the winter showcase, and then at the San Antonio Aquarium. Soon they’ll be competing with dance teams from other studios. They are so cute and amazing. The kids in her group are 5-9. Their competition number is to Bad to the Bone complete with little leather jackets. I can’t wait to see how they do during competition season.

Aquarium Performance

The three competition teams from our dance studio performed at the San Antonio Aquarium a few weeks ago. Mayci has so much fun dancing.

There is so much talent on these three teams. I love to watch them all perform. (The junior team – the ones in the middle – are absolutely incredible.)

After their performance, the kids were allowed to spend as much time as they wanted playing at the aquarium. Mayci’s team had a little fun posing as mermaids.

Mayci liked looking at the koi (though she wouldn’t let them touch her feet) and petting the alpacas. She really loved petting the alpacas.