The Best Parenting Hack Ever

We don’t give our littles electronics very often. Last summer the three older ones got about thirty minutes a day. We’ll do similar this summer. This means getting to use a tablet is a BIG DEAL for them.

So we got the idea to get a Fire just for doctor and dentist appointments. That’s the only time they get to use it. This means they are now excited to go to the doctor AND they are nicely occupied while waiting.

Seriously the best parenting idea we’ve ever had! (Though it doesn’t work for Noah – he’s just not really interested – and Anthony tried to convince us he was sick, and when that didn’t work injured, in order for us to take him to the doctor.)

Meat Restaurant

We took Noah to the Brazilian steakhouse. He loves to eat meat so we wanted to see what he’d do with all that amazing meat. The staff seemed a bit apprehensive when we showed up with a toddler, but they soon were delighted with seeing him sit and eat and eat and eat. He ate SO MUCH meat. He was truly in heaven.