Ortho K

A few weeks ago Fritz had his annual checkup at the eye doctor and, as usual, his vision was worse. He gets more nearsighted every year. So the doctor gave us a brochure about Ortho K.

After thinking on it and getting Fritz’s input, we decided to go with it. Ortho K is making it so Fritz only has to wear glasses part of the time currently and eventually he won’t need to wear them at all.

Last week he had tons of measurements and tests done on his eyes. From those, he was fitted with a pair of contacts that he only wears when he is asleep. He’s worn them two nights so far.


They reshape his corneas while he sleeps. He saw the eye doctor yesterday morning after wearing them the first night. She was delighted with how much his vision had improved in just one night. If he was old enough to drive, he would have been able to without corrective lenses already. Compared to what he started with, that’s significant improvement.

This morning the difference wasn’t quite as impressive, but his vision was even clearer than when he took them out yesterday. Over the course of the day, his vision worsens and he started wearing his glasses again about 3pm yesterday. It’s kind of a weird transition period right now only needing glasses part time and his glasses not making things totally clear because his eyes never get even as bad as last year’s prescription over the course of the day.


He should reach perfect vision that holds all day within two weeks. At some point he’ll be able to only wear the contacts every other night. After long term use, the correction generally holds for 1-3 years of not using the contacts. Many people who used Ortho K choose to get LASIK once they are old enough.

It’s really very cool and kind of wild. Fritz is loving not wearing glasses and still being able to see. I’m glad the eye doctor told us about it!