May Owlcrate

This month’s Owlcrate is full of hits as usual. The book itself is gorgeous. Sprayed edges are just so pretty so of course as soon as I saw it I was in love.

Included in the box was another Lord of the Rings bowl. This one for Rohan. There’s a wax seal kit. The image is an open book. There are three small, translucent, and absolutely beautiful bookmarks. These bookmarks (along with tons of other bookmarks I’ve collected) fit perfectly in the bookmark tin.

This year’s fifth hinged pin is very pretty. I especially like the flame coming out of it. The words from the beginning of the book are written right in it which is quite neat.

Then there’s the book itself. Wow. It’s Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross. It sounds very interesting. I’m looking forward to reading this one! The outside of the dust jack is so pretty (I love anything purple) and the sprayed edges are amazing. It’s even got a built in ribbon bookmark which might be my favorite thing about how the book looks.

Inside, the endpapers are beautiful and the inside of the dust jacket is gorgeous. I always love the inside of the dust jackets of these Owlcrate books.

April Owlcrate

Usually I’m pretty excited by the Owlcrate selections. April’s book, Silver in the Bone, doesn’t thrill me. Hopefully I’m completely wrong and it’ll be great. I guess we’ll see.

April’s box included a bookmark embroidery kit, stones to put in the freezer to chill your drink, a little pouch, and a decorative wooden piece.

And, of course, it included the next hinged pin in this year’s series. These pins are really quite heavy!

The book itself is gorgeous. The outside is a silver and black theme with the edges sprayed silver. Inside is beautiful and the inner dust jacket is just amazing.

March Owlcrate

Last month’s Owlcrate box included this really neat apothecary type glass water bottle with a glass straw. Ani took that home with her.

There was a pair of library themed socks (Ani took them), an eternal pencil (I kept it and Mayci quite enjoys doing her homework with it), and a book sleeve (I kept that as well).

I added this beautiful hinged purple pin to my Owlcrate pin collection. The hinged pins this year are really heavy, but they are way cool.

The book was quite different last month. It’s Midnight Strikes by Zeba Shahnaz and it sounds fantastic. It’s a hardback book and the picture above shows what’s embossed directly on the covers (the page edges are gold to match). The weird thing? No dust jacket. The feel of the book cover in my hands is a little gross. It’s kind of a rubberized feel so it’ll take a bit of getting used to when I hold it to read it. Otherwise I think I like the no dust jacket thing given how gorgeous the embossing on the cover is.

February Owlcrate

As always the Owlcrate box last month was full of amazing stuff. The book sounds like it’ll be excellent. I’m not always excited about the books they send but this one I definitely am.

There was a Dark Academia throw that now belongs to Ani. That’s one of her favorite genres.

I added another pin to my collection. Once again it’s hinged so I guess that is how they will all be this year (very cool).

There was a letter opener (that Ani took home) and a set of three magnetic bookmarks. They work great to mark my page.

This book cover for a journal is absolutely gorgeous. I held my breath opening it to see whether the pages were lined, blank, or dotted. I was thrilled that they are dotted since that’s what I use for my bullet journals. So I guess now I have my next bullet journal ready and waiting.

The dust jacket for last month’s book, Revelle by Lyssa Mia Smith, is just beautiful. The dust jackets are always beautiful, but this one is a standout.

The endpapers are equally gorgeous and as always the inside of the dust jacket is incredible. The foil stamping on the covers of the book itself is amazing.

Once again the letter from the author was bound right into the book so I guess they’ll be doing that all the time now. I am definitely a fan of that change.

January Owlcrate

January’s Owlcrate box was another great one. It came with a very heavy and nice drink cup (Ani took that home), a really, really nice totebag (I kept it), and a super nice measuring tape that winds itself back up when you squeeze it (I kept that one as well).

The pin this month is absolutely amazing. It’s hinged and opens like a book and is really heavy. It’s just so incredibly cool!

There was this light up thing that has a USB plug and a button on the cord. Clicking the button turns on a light in the base. It came with two clear inserts. One has a design in white and the other is completely clear. You can write on it with the included white dry erase marker. The light makes anything white glow yellow. It’s super cool. (Ani took that home to go on her desk and enjoy while she is working.)

The book is The Buried and the Bound by Rochelle Hassan which is the first in a planned trilogy. Based on the blurb it sounds like it’ll be a great one.

They really outdid themselves with the outside and inside of the covers are and the inside of the dust jacket. So, so beautiful. This month they printed the letter from the author right inside the front of the book. I hope they continue doing that because they always get lost and it would be nice to have the author’s thoughts to read anytime the book is picked up.

Owlcrate Black Friday: Owlcrate Boxes

I got five regular Owlcrate boxes during the Black Friday sale. Some of the bookish loot ended up as stocking stuffers and two whole boxes were for Ani for Christmas. The rest is for me. I love Owlcrate. The stuff in the boxes is always amazing and the books are good, too.

Potions & Poisons (July 2021)
This is one of the boxes for Ani.

Go Your Own Way (June 2021)

Beneath the Waves (December 2021)
This is the other box for Ani.

Dreaming in the Dark (November 2021)

Wield Your Blade (October 2021)

Owlcrate Black Friday: Owlcrate Jr.

I got seven Owlcrate Jr. boxes during the Owlcrate Black Friday sale. These are middle grade books which I quite enjoy reading on occasion. I used some of the stuff in the boxes as stocking stuffers and for my best friend’s Christmas present and for a little gift exchange and, of course, to treat myself.

Elephants on Parade (March 2021)

Sagas & Swords (May 2021)

Campfire Stories (June 2022)

Jump Off the Page (July 2022)

Mission to Space (October 2022)

Inner Magic (January 2021)

Write it Down (February 2021)

Owlcrate Black Friday: Random

I really enjoyed shopping the Owlcrate Black Friday sale. I ended up with 15 books (13 for me) plus some smaller books and lots of bookish stuff. The first and last days of the sale I got lots of random stuff, some that I used for stocking stuffers.

The first day I got a handwarmer and Angel of Music coffee (for Ani), an outer space book (for Mayci), a seek and find book (for Zeke), a Camp Half Blood sticker (for Haley), and a multicolor pen and outer space Washi tape for me.

The last day I got a pillowcase (for my best friend) and a sticker, a pen, a wooden bookmark, washi tape, a Christmas tree ornament, a keychain, a really cool tin, a patch, a reading planner, and the books From Twinkle, With Love and Strangeworlds Travel Agency.

December Owlcrate

Honestly every month Owlcrate seems to get even better. The books and dust jackets are just amazing and the stuff included in the box are such high quality and useful things. I just love Owlcrate.

This month we got this hanging thing with three pouches to put stuff in. I kept that because I really like anything I can put other things in.

These paper these bookmarks were made of just felt really nice. Ani took them home because I have about a bazillion bookmarks already.

Of course I kept the luggage tag pin. I love my luggage tag pin collection. I also kept the metal straws because Ani and Haley already have bazillion metal straws. They are heart shaped which makes them extra fun.

Ani took home these salt and pepper shakers. They are getting a lot of use. Salt and pepper shakers are one of those things you don’t realize just how much you need them until you haven’t had them and get them.

This crescent moon shaped tea bag holder and tea bag for putting in loose tea is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Haley claimed that. She drinks a lot of tea so it’s perfect for her.

The book this month is The Poison Season by Mara Rutherford. As always it sounds really good. Check out the cover of the book. How gorgeous is that?

The inside of the dust jacket is absolutely gorgeous, too. (You’d think Nicky is looking at the dust jacket, but he’s actually looking at Haley who is by far his favorite sibling.)