Third Quarter Grades

It’s crazy, but the school year is 3/4 of the way over already! As always the kids did very well this quarter and are ready to finish the school year strong.

Spanish 1B C (76%)
Fundamentals of Computer Science A (94%)
Health A (97%)
Science A (93%)
American History B (86%)
Algebra I B (86%)
ELAR A (93%)

Language Arts B (83%)
Reading B (86%)
Math B (91%)
Social Studies A (98%)
Science A (95%)

In addition to his letter grades, he got an E (excellent) in conduct, health, art, theater arts, music, and PE.

Kindergarten and Pre-K do numbers for grades. 1 is lowest, 4 is highest, though generally they don’t give higher than a 3. A 4 would mean they’d pretty much mastered that subject for the next grade level.

Mayci got one 2 and the rest 3s in conduct, five 2s and the rest 3s in language arts and reading, two 2s and the rest 3s in math (she can rote count to 100), an even mix of 2s and 3s in social studies, one 2 and the rest threes in science, a 3 in health, 3s in music, and 3s in PE. She got a 4 in the stage of writing.

Anthony got all 2s in language arts and reading, math (he can count up to six items with one count per item and can identify three items counting all at once), science, a 2 and the rest 3s in social studies, two 3s and the rest 2s in conduct, 3s in fine arts, a 2 and a 3 in technology, and 3s in PE. He is in stage 1 of writing.

Mayci and Anthony’s Second Quarter Grades

Kindergarten and Pre-K do numbers for grades. 1 is lowest, 4 is highest, though generally they don’t give higher than a 3. A 4 would mean they’d pretty much mastered that subject for the next grade level. Both Mayci and Anthony did really well again this quarter.

Mayci got 3s in conduct, a 2 and the rest 3s in language arts and reading (she knows all her upper and lowercase letters and the sounds they make and is making great progress with reading, an even mix of 2s and 3s in math (she can rote count to 59), an even mix of 2s and 3s in science and social studies, 3s in health, a 2 and 3 in music, and 3s in PE. She got a 2 in the stage of writing (recognizable letter forms used and words represented by a correct beginning or ending letter).

Anthony got mostly 2s and a couple 3s in language arts and reading (he knows 5 uppercase letters and 5 lowercase letters), 2s in math (he can count five items in a group one count per item and can identify up to four items in a group naming the total all at once), 3s in science, a 2 and the rest 3s in social studies, an even mix of 2s and 3s in conduct, 3s in fine arts, 3s in technology, and 3s in PE. He can wrote count to 39 and he is in stage 1 of writing (spelling & writing consists of pictures, scribbles, and random symbols or mock letters).


This has been a busy year for us. I simultaneously can’t figure out how the time has gone by so fast and how we fit so much into just twelve months. Tomorrow will be 2022 and the start of twelve more months of adventures.

In January Fritz and Adrian got their first semester report cards for 7th and 9th grades and both did amazing for their first time in public school since kindergarten and second grade. We also continued trying to figure out just how much food to make to feed our small army (spoiler alert: it’s always too much or too little).

In February we put up a baby urinal in our bathroom and it’s been the best thing we could have done. There was more figuring out how to feed our small army (we’ve pretty much got it down now). We got a playground put up in our backyard. We ended up with COVID in the house and had to quarantine at the same time pretty much the entire state of Texas shut down due to a freak snowstorm and crazy cold (we got lucky and never lost power).

In March I started getting more creative with Mayci’s hair. All the adults in the house got vaccinated for COVID. Zeke turned six on Pi Day. The next day Noah had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids and have tubes put in his ears. We got brave and took all six kids to HEB for the first time.

In April I sprained my foot when I gracefully fell down the stairs of The Beast. We also discovered Zeke has hair like Fritz’s: It grows SO fast!

In May our six-year-old officially changed his name to Zeke. School got out and so Mayci finished pre-k, Zeke finished kindergarten, Adrian finished 7th grade, and Fritz finished 9th grade.

In June the kids were bored of their 11-week summer vacation within about 30 seconds so we started our summer schedule which continued the entire summer and worked great. We got Fritz’s end of course results (all three passed). We entered Birthday Season when Adrian turned 13 on Juneteenth. The end of the month the twins turned two.

In July we got Adrian’s STAAR test results (he did great especially because it was his first time taking that sort of test). On the 6th Nicholas turned 3. And then on the 11th Fritz turned 15. Adrian saved all year and enlisted the help of a few other people in order to give Fritz an Oculus Quest 2 for his birthday. On the 18th Anthony turned 4 ending our intense streak of five birthdays in less than three weeks. Fritz got all registered for the virtual school for 10th grade.

In August we finished birthday season on the 2nd when Mayci turned 5. Zeke and Mayci both took off in their reading (best decision ever to work on teaching them how to read over the summer). We found out who the three elementary schoolers’ teachers would be (they’ve all been the perfect teacher for each kid, especially Zeke’s). In the middle of the month it was time for four of the kids to be off to pre-k, kindergarten, 1st, and 8th grades (and Nicky moved to a new room at preschool). A week later Fritz started 10th grade. Just before the end of the month my beautiful mother turned three-quarters of a century old.

In September we started getting monthly boxes of Young Adult books from Literati for Adrian (love those books). Dance classes started up for Zeke and Mayci. I did the most complicated and beautiful hairstyle on Mayci that I’ve done so far (53 twists). The twins moved out of their cribs and into their big boy beds. We took four of the kids to the movies for the first time. Mayci went to dance camp at the high school and got to perform at halftime at a football game.

In October we pulled Nicholas out of preschool. We got the four littlest boys new church clothes. I did some fancy hair on both Mayci and Haley. We had some really cute costumed kids on Halloween.

In November Jamie and I went to see The Beach Boys again. Lola moved in with Cameron and Tami and it’s helped Nicky’s eczema so much (he’s allergic to dogs). We celebrated Jamie’s 46th birthday and one year since we adopted the kids by playing at a trampoline park. We got our family pictures taken. I started having more time to read again thanks to Haley playing with the twinplets six hours a week and the kids getting a little older and more independent.

In December Nicky suddenly started looking much older and bigger than his little brothers. Anthony’s dreams came true when we put a Christmas tree in our living room. My Daddy turned 77 on Christmas Eve.

And now here we are on New Year’s Eve looking forward to what 2022 will bring us. We know a few things like Trek for the big boys, Fritz being ordained to the office of Priest, Birthday Season ending with us having 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 14 and 16-year-olds, Ani turning 22 in February, Zeke turning 7 in March, me turning 44 in April, Cameron turning 21 in October, and Jamie turning 47 in November the same day we hit two years since the kids were adopted, and having kids starting pre-k, kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 9th, and 11th grades in August. Whatever else 2022 has in store for us, I know it will be awesome!

Older Three Littles First Quarter Grades

I didn’t know actual letter grades started in first grade, but apparently they do. His first time getting letter grades, Zeke got straight A’s! He’s been working so hard in school and it shows. In addition to all the A’s, he got an E (excellent) in conduct, health, art, theater arts, music, and PE.

Language Arts A (92%)
Reading A (90%)
Math A (90%)
Social Studies A (99%)
Science A (100%)

Kindergarten and Pre-K do numbers for grades. 1 is lowest, 4 is highest, though generally they don’t give higher than a 3. A 4 would mean they’d pretty much mastered that subject for the next grade level.

Mayci got 2’s in music, 3’s in PE, and mostly 3’s and a handful of 2’s in everything else. She got a 1 in the stage of writing (trying to write sentences, but doesn’t use proper capitalization or punctuation yet). She’s a leader in her classroom and volunteers a lot to help out a classmate who is blind (and is naturally picking up a little bit of braille).

Anthony got 2’s in PE, a 3 in fine arts, and 2’s in everything else and a 1 in stage of writing (in pre-k that means he’s not trying to write much of anything yet). He knows the names of 2 uppercase and 2 lowercase letters so far. He can count out loud to 10.

An excellent start to the school year for all of them really. I can’t believe we’re already a quarter into the year. That really doesn’t seem at all possible!

First Day of School

Five of my kids were off to school this morning. There was a little hiccup when Anthony refused to get in the van because he thought bringing his nap mat meant he was going to the preschool (they have naptime in pre-k), but we got him in the car and once he realized we were dropping him off at the big school all was well. Nicholas thought it was entirely too early to be arriving at preschool (he’s not wrong). The twins are enjoying being the only little ones home and having their Fritz all to themselves (the virtual school he’s attending doesn’t start until next week).

8th Grade

1st Grade



Last Year of Preschool

PK, K, 1 Teachers

I got phone calls from Zeke, Mayci, and Anthony’s teachers yesterday. Anthony will have the same teacher and assistant Mayci had. This is a relief. He also trusts and has a bond with the assistant from when she was at his preschool before she moved to the elementary school. Mayci has a kindergarten teacher who was teaching kindergarten there the year Adrian was in kindergarten. I’ve only heard good things about her. She commented that she already knows Mayci. Pretty much all the teachers know Mayci. She’s a very outgoing and friendly little girl. Zeke has a teacher who is new to the school, but not the district. She had no problem labeling everything with his preferred name when I explained his birth name is a bit of a trigger. She also quickly clued in that he was relatively recently adopted from foster care. We’re very happy with all three assignments.

I am a fan of universal pre-k

This is something I never thought I’d say, but I am a fan of universal pre-k. My littles will all go to public pre-k, including the twins (who will be the only one who don’t go to preschool). Because they are considered at-risk, they qualify. There are a few reasons kids qualify for free public pre-k in Texas. The rest of the slots are filled with tuition-paying kids.

I am not a fan of mandatory pre-k. Five is old enough for compulsory education. But I think all parents should be able to choose to send kids to public pre-k when the kids are four-years-old if they want to.

Zeke did not attend pre-k (though he qualified for it) while Mayci did. I am sure Zeke would have been much better prepared for kindergarten and doing better educationally, as well in his social-emotional development, if he had attended pre-k instead of going to a not-so-great daycare.

Mayci’s pre-k year was a bit odd because of COVID, but normally pre-k is like the kindergarten I attended with little seatwork, no push to learn to read, and playing together in centers. I think that sort of introduction to school helps kids to fall in love with school and learning.

Having that extra year is also good for identifying issues and intervening sooner than later. This is why at-risk kids like mine qualify for free public pre-k. Zeke came to us with an already diagnosed language-based disorder (but was not enrolled in PPCD for it). It took a bit to get the speech therapy he needed started at school so we lost a little time getting his IEP set up after kindergarten started.

Having one kid who could have used pre-k and one kid who didn’t necessarily need it, but certainly benefitted from it, I’ve just really become a fan of public pre-k and really think a whole lot of kids could benefit if it was made universal. Seriously, I never thought I’d think that, but watching my kids’ education has been eye opening for me.

2020-21 Final Quarter Grades

The kids did awesome this school year. Fritz and Adrian worked hard their final quarter of the year and definitely didn’t slack off at all. Zeke and Mayci learned so much in pre-k and kindergarten. We’re so proud of all of them.

Zeke got 3s in music, 4s in PE (I didn’t even know 4 was an option), 2s and 3s in conduct, 2’s and a 3 in language arts, 3’s, a few 2s, a couple 1s, and a 4 in reading, 2s and 3s in math, 3s in social studies, 2s and 3s in science, and a 3 in health. He can count aloud to 39.

Mayci got 4s in PE (and still has the little crush on her PE teacher that started the very first week of school), 3s in language arts, 2s and 3s in reading, 3s plus a 5 (didn’t know that was an option either) in math, 3s in science and social studies, 2s and 3s in conduct, and 3s in fine arts and technology. She can identify all 26 upper and lowercase letters as well as tell you the sound each one makes, can count aloud up to 29 and can count 20 objects.

Adrian’s Grades
Math A (94%; 95% for the semester; 97% for the year)
Science A (98%; 91% for the semester; 95% for the year)
English B (88%; 81% for the semester; 82% for the year)
Robotics A (97%; 97% for the semester; 96% for the year)
PE A (100%; 100% for the semester; 100% for the year)
Spanish A (90%; 85% for the semester; 86% for the year)
Texas History A (96%; 93% for the semester; 92% for the year)

Fritz’s Grades
Spanish I A (90%; 90% for the semester)
Animation A (96; 94% for the semester)
Outdoor Adventure A (99%; 100% for the semester)
AP Human Geography B (89%; 85% for the semester)
Biology A (94%; 95% for the semester)
English I A (92%; 93% for the semester)
Algebra I B (85%; 90% for the semester)

(4.01 GPA for the quarter; 4.15 GPA for the semester)