First Swim Meet of the Season

Saturday was the first swim meet of the season. Our team won (I don’t think we’ve lost a dual meet since Fritz’s first year on the team, five years ago). That leaves three more Saturdays to be at the pool way too early in the morning. Fritz got fifth place in backstroke and sixth place in freestyle in his heats. He was on the B team for a relay and they came in third (and actually beat our A team!). He’s a slow swimmer, but he really loves swimming.


Another Swim Season Is Over

Fritz completed his fourth summer swim season this week. It’s a crazy, busy seven weeks every May and June. He loves it. He doesn’t love the meets, but being in the water nearly every day makes him so happy. He’s one of the slowest boys in his age group. He always has been. But that’s okay. He just competes against himself.

In the last dual meet of the season, Fritz earned a point for his team (in backstroke) so that was pretty awesome. He’s never earned a point for his team before. Once again, the team he’s on went undefeated all season. The first year they weren’t so good, but the coaches they’ve had have been excellent and the kids work hard and it shows.

Over the course of the season, Fritz shaved 2.66 seconds from his best time in freestyle last season and 4.72 seconds from last year’s best backstroke time.


My Kids are Pretty Cool

Ani went to ATA Worlds in Arkansas last weekend. She got to watch our (former) instructor test for his 5th degree black belt and watch some amazing competition. Being there gave her the itch to get back to training.

Cameron is just plain amazing at taekwondo. Last Saturday there was a Daddy and Me board break class and Cameron did a spin heel speed break on a wooden board.

Fritz just finished his third summer swim season. He is not the fastest swimmer, but he loves being in the pool. This year he shaved over 8 seconds from his freestyle, over 13 seconds from his backstroke, and added breaststroke.

Adrian is on the slow path to black belt. He moves up a belt color about once a year. After 3 1/2 years of being a low rank, he tested on Monday for his purple belt and will finally join the high rank group. This means he gets to spar and use a weapon in each hand, both things that he’s really excited about.

Fritz Happiness

Fritz recently harvested his first vegetable from the garden he’s growing with his daddy. A very delicious cucumber!


And he earned a silver star at taekwondo. Kids get to bring in good papers from school. Fritz brought in 7 100% correct pages of 100 multiplication problems. We timed him doing them and the fastest was in less than 3 1/2 minutes!


On top of all that, today was his first ever swim meet and he got 3rd place in backstroke and 5th place in freestyle in his heats. It’s been quite an awesome couple weeks for the middle boy.

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

This time last year Fritz wouldn’t put his head under water. He took a few weeks of swimming lessons last summer and by the end he was really swimming. He totally fell in love with swimming.


This week swim team practice started. There are four other little boys his age from church on the team, too (nearly his whole Cub Scout troop/primary class).


Fritz is in the group that is learning how to do the strokes properly and gain speed swimming the 25 meters across the pool. He still lets his feet drop when he takes breaths. But he’s improving every day.


Swim team practice is 5 days a week, about 45 minutes each day in the pool, swimming constantly for most of it. After every practice Fritz is exhausted, but he loves swimming more and more each day.