Recital #2

A few weeks ago Zeke and Mayci performed in a dance recital, both doing tap routines. They’ve both been taking ballet and tap once a week since August.

The girls Zeke danced with were wearing similar costumes to what Mayci had except in yellow. One thing is for sure… the girl costumes at this recital were WAY cooler than Zeke’s!

Mayci’s hair had to be half up/half down and they said I could do a few beads. I did braids and really more than a few beads. Between her hair and her costume she was super adorable.

The Ballet Boy

Zeke has started weekly dance classes. He’s taking a combo tap and ballet class. He absolutely comes alive in that studio.

They start out wearing their tap shoes. Zeke loves the sound they make as he walks. He is so excited that he canmake his taps sound different based on how he moves his feet.

He does so well copying the arm motions his teacher makes. He focuses so well the whole entire hour. He just really loves it so much.

He is the only boy in his class. I told him we need to dig up a clip of Dule Hill as The Tap Dance Kid. Zeke said, “Who is the ballet boy?” I said I didn’t know. He said, “It’s me! I’m the ballet boy!”

About halfway through the class they switch to their ballet shoes and do some stretching and toe pointing and flexing and work on graceful hand movements.

The first class the teacher had each child do a ballet spin on one foot. Zeke is the only one to successfully make it all the way around so she had him take a bow.

The last few minutes of class are dedicated to creative movement. They do some skipping and dancing and just basically have lots of fun. The smile on Zeke’s face after class is just radiant. Dance is totally his thing right now!