The end of last month we got rain when it was very, very cold and so for two days we had ice everywhere. In San Antonio ice means the city pretty much shuts down.

The kids were off school for two days (which has led to a big fight on Facebook by some very entitled parents over when those days will be made up).

We lost several branches from the tree in our front yard. It looked pretty pathetic until the ice melted. We’ll have a lot more sun shining on our yard this summer though!

A simple rule…

I made a simple rule for myself that ensures I always read my scriptures, every single day. I am not allowed to read any books until I have read a chapter/section in the scriptures. Since I quite enjoy reading books, this works great for me and I haven’t missed a day of reading in months. (I also have Read Scriptures as one of my daily to do’s and I really like crossing things off my list so that helps as well.)