Six Months Ago Me Was Smart

Starting at six months old and continuing every three months until they turned 3, I took the twins to their dental checkups together. It wasn’t a problem when they were tiny but as they’ve gotten bigger it’s been crazy. So six months ago I decided to make their appointments one day apart.

That’s one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. One twin at a time is super easy since they don’t have anyone riling them up. Their appointments were downright pleasant. The dentist is just a couple miles away so it was no big deal going two days in a row. I’m definitely doing their checkups this way for the next few years.

Something Special About Twins

Noah and Joel are best friends. They often end up cuddled up together while they sleep and sometimes awake, too. Joel has pretty much given up his afternoon nap but Noah still needs a pretty long one and during Spring Break when Noah would wake up from his nap, Joel got excited and would hug his twin for a long time. It’s pretty special to have a built in best friend from birth.

Marble Falls Walkway of Lights

Every year we drive up to Marble Falls to go through the Walkway of Lights. The lights are so beautiful. It’s mostly the same every year but it’s still worth going.

We accidentally made going there a tradition when we went to Main Street Bethlehem in Burnet and stopped in Marble Falls on the way home six years ago.

We’ve taken the twins to the Walkway of Lights in Marble Falls four times now. The rest of The Six have gone three times.

This year included complete sensory overload for one kid and an autistic meltdown for another. The lights really are very bright.

As usual we stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home for Blizzards. Everyone loves those. Maybe we’ll be able to take a leisurely stroll through the lights again when the twins are about 12. But in the meantime we’ll keep going every year because the kids love that trip every year.

Beware Quiet Twins

Jamie had gone to get Zeke and Mayci from dance, Anthony and Nicholas were on the couch with me watching a TV show, and Fritz and Adrian were upstairs doing homework. Noah and Joel were wandering around playing. After a couple minutes of not hearing them I went to investigate and discovered they had decorated the dining room, hallway, stairs, and themselves in a variety of sauces that hadn’t been put away yet from dinner. Always, always beware quiet twins.

Matching Feet

We only got new shoes for Noah before the school year started since Joel was staying home. This was not okay with the twins. Every day was a battle to get the shoes on Noah only and to convince Joel to wear a different pair. Finally I decided it wasn’t worth it and ordered a second, identical, pair of shoes for Joel. Now the twins are very happy they have matching feet.