Displaying My Collection

I have a nativity collection. I have around 20 of them. Most are small. Some are big. One is huge. I display them year round because they make me happy to look at them. Normally I hate clutter, but I love having my nativities around and looking at them.

Of course with little hands around I have to be creative with where I put them. I have one on top of a bookcase in our dining room.

Another is on top of the corner cabinet that I inherited from my grandmother, also in the dining room.

Many of them, all of my small ones, are displayed on three shelves behind glass in that corner cabinet.

My favorite and largest one is displayed on top of the cabinet where we keep our dishes in the kitchen.

They are all out of reach of the kids (well, really they only need to be out of reach of Fritz at this point) but still in places where I can enjoy looking at them and having them around. They make me smile often.

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