Pioneer Day

Friday was pioneer day. That’s when the Saints arrival in Utah is celebrated. It’s a real holiday with parades and a day off and everything in Utah. Here the day passes without much thought.


I do not have any pioneer ancestry. My ancestors came from the Scotland and Wales as early as the 1600s and from Germany in the 1800s. They were mostly Catholic on one side, and who knows what religion on the other. My parents joined The Church in 1973.

Jamie, oddly enough, does have pioneer ancestry. I say oddly enough because HE is the convert in his family. He joined The Church in 1997. But he’s got some pioneers in his background anyway.


This year, for the first time, we actually did a little something for Pioneer Day. Actually we did it the day before, but they made a lovely centerpiece at our dinner table Friday. I found instructions to make little handcarts using tissue boxes. The big kids made those while the babies fingerpainted their version of handcarts.

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