Back to the Boards


Over a year ago we got the Accountable Kids chore board system. We used it a while and eventually got away from it. When we moved we never went back to them. Last week I decided to get them back out.

I’m doing it a little simpler this time than last time. Like I didn’t bother giving them cards for things like get dressed and eat breakfast since they do that stuff before school without being reminded and on the weekends I don’t care if they do either of them or not. I also did not do afternoon chores because school schedules make it so there isn’t really time (and remembering to do homework is not an issue for my kids). I’ll revisit afternoon chores in the summer.

So far the kids are doing their boards and it’s going very well. Fritz is especially excited about doing extra chores to earn more money (he rarely spends his money… he just likes to have lots of money in savings). Hopefully it’ll continue to work for us. I do love this system!

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