Today we learned about Irish hares. We saw some at the “dead zoo” (National Museum of Ireland – Natural History) so today I’m sharing pictures of the first couple days we spent in Dublin.

We took the train to get there on March 26th. The free wifi on board came in handy once everyone got bored of looking out the windows and just seeing fields full of sheep.

We randomly ran into a bunch of huge decorated eggs set up in a little mall.

On March 27th, we toured Kilmainham Gaol. That morning it was snowing (mostly a cross between snow and hail… ice pellets covered in fluffy snow).



Later on the 27th, we went to the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History. It is full of very old animal specimens. Some of them are from the 1800s!






A security guard saw me taking lots of pictures and pulled me over to see this little hedgehog. The guard said it is his very favorite animal in the whole museum because it looks like it’s smiling.

As we were walking back to the Luas (tram) to get back to our hotel, we noticed a news van across the street from one of the government buildings. A couple minutes later my mother-in-law called to say she had just seen us on TV! She happened to be watching the news at that exact moment we were walking by and we happened to be on camera for several seconds while the field reporter talked. Talk about incredible random timing!

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