NOT Back to School!

When Ani decided to be homeschooled again, one of the first things she said was she’d get to have a not back to school day again on the first day of school for the local kids. That’s been our tradition since she started homeschooling at 4. It was really sad last year to actually send them to school on that day and not do something super fun.


So this year we didn’t just do one not back to school day, we did two! We got a great deal for one night and two days at Schlitterbahn. I guess we made up for last year.


We all really liked the torrent river. They take the lazy river idea and make it crazy. The weird thing is a day later we were all kind of feeling like we were being tossed around by the waves and a little seasick.


Most of the time Cameron was off on his own riding the slides or going around and around and around in torrent river.


Adrian brought his froggy along. He won’t swim without it yet.


Fritz got a little sunburned, but he sure did love being there. At the beginning of summer he wouldn’t put his face in the water. Five weeks of swim lessons later and the boy is part fish!


Jamie got more than a little sunburned. He was pretty much a lobster by the end of the second day. I reapplied sunscreen often because after two sunburns this year (I swear the Texas sun is a different sun!) I was determined not to get another one. Jamie wasn’t so diligent.


My friend’s family (also homeschoolers) met us there and Ani spent her time with my friend’s 16 year old daughter. They had such a great time together. I think Ani was swooning over this red velvet funnel cake.


A rarely seen picture of me. I’m not usually a fan of swimming, but a mini vacation with a night at the resort and two 6+ hour days at Schlitterbahn to end the summer/start the school year was totally awesome and fun. We just may have to do it again next year!


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