Adrian’s Birthday Celebrations

Adrian’s 7th birthday celebrations lasted for three days. We started on his actual birthday with the bubble machine. Best birthday gift ever!


For breakfast, he had Klondike Bars. Nothing like ice cream for breakfast on your birthday. Friday afternoon, we took the little guys to Chuck E. Cheese’s where they played for a couple hours.

Since Ani was at Youth Conference until Saturday afternoon, we celebrated Adrian’s birthday as a family on Saturday. We went to a trampoline park.



Then we went to see Inside Out (good, but not great, and not a must see again sort of movie). We ate dinner at Red Robin on the way home. Adrian loved being sung to and given an ice cream sundae. We finished the evening by watching the newest Girl Meets World, Girl Meets Hurricane (excellent, and a definite must watch again sort of episode).

Adrian’s only complaint was that he didn’t have a cake. Since two of us are strictly gluten free, we didn’t even think about getting a cake. Ani volunteered to bake a gluten free cake on Sunday. It turned out very good (she even made the buttercream frosting from scratch – 3 whole sticks of butter are in the 4 cups of icing!).



Turning 7 was very exciting for Adrian and he loved his whole weekend of fun. He has told us for months that 7-year-olds do things 6-year-olds don’t do like always getting themselves dressed and buckling their own carseat. True to his word, starting on Friday, Adrian has been doing all the things he promised 7-year-olds do. Apparently in his mind 7 is when you become a “big kid.”

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