Bullet Journal, Take Two

I filled up my first bullet journal, aka My Brain, and so I started a new on on the first of August.

I transferred the important information pages from the old one to the new one.

Then I took apart my old one and saved just the pages with information on them that I want to keep.

I made a few tweaks to my Bullet Journal this time around. I made a grid page for my step goal so I can just put a checkmark if/when I reach that goal.

I made it easier to see when to put things on my to do list by listing them out by day of the week.

I started a list in the front of intermittent things to add to my to do list. This’ll include things like lesson plans each quarter, reserving library books, and so on.

I made monthly grid pages for things I do every day so I don’t have to write them over and over.

This makes it so the daily pages are much shorter and can usually fit at least two on a page.

Otherwise than those tweaks, I’ve got it pretty much going like I did before. Using my bullet journal really helps keep me on task and organized. I love it!

2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal, Take Two

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