Art in September

For at this year we are doing The Art Assignment. Here are some of the assignments we did in August and September.

Vehicular Palette: After discussing the makes, models, and colors of the cars and minivans I have owned since I was 17, Cameron and Adrian both chose to draw a vehicle using all the colors. Cameron’s colored his in while Adrian just did the outline. Fritz took a more abstract view of the assignment and drew sidewalks and roads in the colors of the cars I have owned and said that as there get to be more and more cars, more roads and fewer sidewalks are needed.

Conjure a Studio: For this assignment, they were told to create their ideal art studio in a real place, model, or drawing. Adrian drew his studio freefloating in space. Fritz drew his in the middle of a forest. Cameron decided to use clay to create a model of his studio complete with a flower in a vase on the desk.

Measuring Histories: The assignment was to create some sort of art that could be measured in some way that spoke to them about history (their own or general). Adrian glued corks together to the length he thought his fingernails will grow in his lifetime. Fritz built a Duplo tower taller than himself (over 4 1/2 feet tall!) because he has always loved building very tall towers. Cameron dripped candle wax in lines on a piece of paper. He didn’t know exactly why, but it’s what made sense to him after watching the video.

Never Seen, Never Will: For this assignment, they had to select something that is real, but they have never seen and probably never will in their lifetime. Adrian chose to draw another galaxy. Fritz drew a kracken (he is convinced they really do exist). Cameron drew the inner workings of a power plant.

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