On Black Friday, Fritz and I went to do our Christmas shopping for Lola at PetSmart. I, of course, let him look at the birds and small animals while we were there and I noticed the guinea pigs were half price. So after talking about it with the kids, Ani and I went back later and came home with two little girls.


Keeping with the Greek god/dess theme we started back when we had Apollo, we named them Hera and Demeter.


These girls have made us realize that Apollo really never was well, right from the moment we got him. He was super quiet and rarely moved much. No wonder he didn’t last very long.


When we first got them, they were pretty quiet like Apollo was.

That didn’t last long, though. Now they can be kind of crazy and make us laugh a lot.

Every day Ani gives them a selection of fresh vegetables (adding fruit a couple times a week). They’ve already learned that Ani’s the one who feeds them and so as soon as they see her they get excited. By the way, Hera likes bell peppers and oranges while Demeter prefers carrots.


Every couple days we add their play yard on to their cage, spread some hay (those girls go through hay like crazy!), toys, and vegetables on the floor, and move their hideout to the play yard and let them play for a few hours. They love it. It gives them some time to get some extra exercise (in a bigger space than crawling around on us) and still have things around to eat.


Lola is a bit terrified of the guinea pigs. She really isn’t sure what to think of them. Part of her seems to want to play with them and part of her seems to just want to run away and hide. The guinea pigs, however, are not scared of Lola at all, especially not Hera.


Hopefully these girls will stay healthy and we’ll get to love on them for a long time. Side note: All of our pets are girls. We now have 4 human males and 7 human and non-human females in our house. We didn’t plan it that way. It just happens the piggies PetSmart had on Black Friday were female.

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