Calm After the Storm

When kids are first placed there’s a bit of an adjustment period as they learn the rules and routines and you learn how to fold the extra kids into your life. It can take a bit for everything to iron itself out. Those first weeks to months can be really crazy.

We’ve reach the calm after the storm adding E&M to our already giant family.

It took two or three weeks after getting the babies. They were only two months so the adjustment period with them was all about us learning how to deal with newborns, bottles, and cribs. It took a sold two months for A&N. A had an especially rough time adjusting. It was pre-COVID so we were still having weekends with E&M and I think that was really difficult for A especially.

We’ve had E&M for about 5 weeks now and it’s been a much easier adjustment than I expected. They really miss their grandmother, but they are so happy to be here with their little brothers. It’s not nearly so chaotic as it was the first couple weeks. There will always be some amount of chaos as long as these kids are all so small, but it’s just not as chaotic all the time as it was at first.

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