The Wall

A couple weeks after E moved in, he got mad at something, we don’t remember what, and threw his crayon box at Jamie’s head. It hit the wall and left a good size gouge. Eventually we will fix it, but for now it reminds us of just how far he has come.

When he first arrived, he was angry all the time. So angry. And, seriously, that anger was totally justified. He had good reason to be angry. Meltdowns were common. So many normal every day things would trigger him. His insides couldn’t have felt very good.

Over time, however, that has changed. E hasn’t had any super meltdowns in the last two months that are not related to CPS visiting (he’s worried they’ll remove him again) and I don’t count those. Now he only gets angry when he’s hungry or tired or mad at a sibling. Things every kid melts down sometimes over. It’s truly amazing how far he has come in such a short time.

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