“Good” Hair

Mayci has a looser curl pattern, type 3c hair. I’ve been told by more than one person that she has “good” hair. It bothers me when people say that because every hair type has pluses and minuses, including Mayci’s “good” hair.

There are a lot of styles I’d love to do that I can’t because her hair just won’t hold it. For some styles I need to use extra things (elastics, product, etc) to get it to stay in place. Some styles come loose sooner than I’d like just from her moving around.

She has the most gorgeous corkscrew curls that some people pay good money to perm their hair into doing. She can choose a wide variety of styles including “Anna braids” (her favorite) and they work just fine. Her hair is equally cute long or short.

I really don’t think her hair is “good” just as I don’t think other types are “bad.” There are pros and cons to every type of hair. The key is making the most of what you have and loving it (and Mayci definitely love hers)!

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