Older Three Littles First Quarter Grades

I didn’t know actual letter grades started in first grade, but apparently they do. His first time getting letter grades, Zeke got straight A’s! He’s been working so hard in school and it shows. In addition to all the A’s, he got an E (excellent) in conduct, health, art, theater arts, music, and PE.

Language Arts A (92%)
Reading A (90%)
Math A (90%)
Social Studies A (99%)
Science A (100%)

Kindergarten and Pre-K do numbers for grades. 1 is lowest, 4 is highest, though generally they don’t give higher than a 3. A 4 would mean they’d pretty much mastered that subject for the next grade level.

Mayci got 2’s in music, 3’s in PE, and mostly 3’s and a handful of 2’s in everything else. She got a 1 in the stage of writing (trying to write sentences, but doesn’t use proper capitalization or punctuation yet). She’s a leader in her classroom and volunteers a lot to help out a classmate who is blind (and is naturally picking up a little bit of braille).

Anthony got 2’s in PE, a 3 in fine arts, and 2’s in everything else and a 1 in stage of writing (in pre-k that means he’s not trying to write much of anything yet). He knows the names of 2 uppercase and 2 lowercase letters so far. He can count out loud to 10.

An excellent start to the school year for all of them really. I can’t believe we’re already a quarter into the year. That really doesn’t seem at all possible!

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