More Dinosaur Unit

Ani’s been at my parents’ since Tuesday evening so we haven’t been doing school most of the week. We didn’t do much school on Monday since Jamie was off from work. Here’s what we did do this week:

  • Made three vinegar baths (full-strength, 2:1, 4:1) and put chicken bones in to soak
  • Talked about the scientific method
  • Wrote problem, hypothesis, procedure, and materials used for chicken bone/vinegar experiment
  • Every few days we’re checking on the bone to see what is happening with them
  • Read 9 pages of Jurassic Park
  • Predator/Prey math: 10,000 duckbills to 25 T Rexes; did other calculations based on 400:1 ratio
  • Looked at animal cards and discussed their predator/prey relationship
  • Discussed three periods of the dinosaurs
  • Sorted Dino-Mite cards into periods

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