You know you’re a pregnant homeschooling mom when…

Warning: This is kind of gross.

With this baby I have been afflicted with evening sickness. I also, just like when I was pregnant with Fritz, can’t handle the smell of baking bread. Combine those two things together last night and the nausea was too much and I threw up. Of course yesterday evening, not long before I threw up, we had all shared a thing of whipped cream flavor icing (not healthy at all, but it sure was yummy!).

I must say that was the strangest thing I’ve ever thrown up and considering how many things I have thrown up through the combined 72 weeks so far of throwing up across four pregnancies that’s saying something. It was sweet, thick, and made bright white dollops of not-really-digested icing floating in the toilet.

So what did I do? Flush? Of course not! I yelled “Ani, Cameron! Come here quick! You’ve got to see this!” And the children dutifully came into the bathroom and studied the results of my vomiting, appreciating how it looked just like it did before I ate it even though it had been a couple hours. Who knew pregnancy nausea could end up creating something educational.

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