Blendy Pens

We got another of those as seen on TV things. This time it was Blendy Pens. Actually “we” didn’t get them. Ani did. She saw them at Costco and just had to have them. She paid $15 for them and it’s $15 well spent.

They’re pretty fascinating how they work. You can use them as regular markers or you can put two together with a fusion chamber between them and twist and watch the color from the top one drop onto the color on the bottom on. Then you draw with them and first you have one color, then a blend of the two, and then the second color. It also came with a color blaster that lets you do a sort of hand-pumped airbrush technique using the markers.

The set she got also came with stencils and coloring pages. The big kids have had a ball using these things. Ani even made all the invitations for Adrian’s blessing/Fritz’s and Cameron’s birthday parties using them.


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