Field Trip! Fire Station

Thursday we all went to the fire station for a field trip. A friend of ours arranged it for the Cub Scout troop Cameron’s in. Three of the 8 year old boys came, plus my other three (10, 3, and 1) and our friend’s other three (7, 5, and 2).

They got to go in a fire engine.

They learned about what each of the three kinds of fire engines they have do.

They looked at the outfits the firemen wear. Most of this row were rookie uniforms. The badges on the front of their hats weren’t blackened like many of the more seasoned firemen hats.

The bigger children all go to go up and sit high up in the back of the tall (100′) ladder truck.

A fireman showed them each part of his gear and he put it on for them.

He told them that if they ever see or hear a fireman looking like him to make lots of noise and don’t hide because they are there to help.

It was a fun visit. Because there were only 9 children and three adults, they let the kids touch things and do more than they would with a bigger group. They even took us back to the living/waiting area and we got to look in a bunk room and their living room with the big screen TV as well as the big industrial kitchen. That was an extra special treat. I hadn’t planned on going or taking the little two, but I’m glad we all went.

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