Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I figured this year I’d write just a few things I am thankful. Twenty-six to be exact. One for each letter of the alphabet.
A – Aldi’s (Where else can you get good tasting super-cheap food?)
B – Books (I love to read. Enough said.)
C – Calvert School (We have seriously been blessed by going back to using Calvert this year.)
D – Daddy (My father has taught me so much and is just plain fun to be around.)
E – E-Mail (It is such a useful tool for keeping in touch with friends and family.)
F – Fabric (I love just touching fabric.)
G – Glue (Particularly in stick form, glue is just very useful.)
H – Hand-Me-Downs (We have saved so incredibly much money over the years because people have passed down clothes, books, and toys to our kids.)
I – Ice Cream (particularly mint chocolate chip)
J – Jamie (I’m not including my kids on this list, mainly because two of them start with the same letter, but for obvious reasons I am including my husband.)
K – K (She’s my best friend even though she lives 2,000 miles away.)
L – Legos (Mostly because I just love hearing Fritz talking about them. He says “Yegos.”)
M – Mommie (My mother is one of my very favorite people.)
N – Nose (I am glad that my nose allows me to smell things, particularly when it is smelling nice things.)
O – Old Navy (Their clothes fit Ani so nicely and are pretty much always on sale and I can often get coupons on top of those sales.)
P – Pasta (I love to eat pasta, especially in summer tomato pasta or spaghetti and meatballs.)
Q – Quilting (I enjoy making quilts, particularly paper pieced quilts.)
R – Rain (I particularly like light, warm, Spring rain.)
S – Salad (My very favorite food is salad, especially if it comes from a salad bar.)
T – There’s No Place Like Home (I just love the group of ladies on that message board.)
U – Ubiquitous (It’s just plain a cool word.)
V – Vacations (I love going on vacation with my family and having lots of fun relaxing together.)
W – Words (Without them I could neither speak nor write this list.)
X – X-Rays (They really are quite useful when you need one.)
Y – Yolk (It’s my favorite part of the egg, especially when it’s a fresh egg from a farm.)
Z – Zigzag (Yet another word that is just plain fun to say.)

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