It’s Almost School Time

The first day of school is Tuesday so I’ve been busy getting ready this week. Almost everything was ready by days after we finished the last school year so it’s just been last minute stuff.

Saturday we went shopping for school supplies, art supplies, and science experiment needs. I also placed an order for science supplies from Amazon and Home Science Tools. The Amazon order arrived today. The Home Science Tools order will be here Wednesday.

I’ve adjusted a few lesson plans and even changed the school year slightly. Christmas break for the local school district is two weeks going from a Wednesday to a Tuesday. I decided to give my kids three full weeks off instead. I added a couple things (like a typing program) and changed Adrian’s reading to regular books since Magic Treehouse, which I had planned to have him read, is beneath his reading level now. Mostly, the plans stayed as I wrote them a few months ago.

The last couple days I’ve been working on putting together science experiment bags. Now all that is left is to finish putting stuff on the shelves and in drawers, dole out new pencils and scissors, and wait for Tuesday. It’s going to be a great year!

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