Ani’s Escape Room


For the Laurel class mid-week activity last night, Ani put together an escape room. The story was Russia had just launched their nukes and the girls had one hour to solve all the puzzles and find the abort code and save the world.


We got to the church a few minutes early and got things set up. We put things the girls would need on the walls.


We spread the boxes to unlock as puzzles were solved around the room.


We set up the computer on a table in the corner. The language was set to Russian (one girl knows a little Russian and it actually came in handy) with a nice picture of Russia as the background. The girls needed to find the code to get into the computer and another code to get into a file on the computer.


We spread the keys around the room. Since we didn’t have physical locks and keys to use, Ani wrapped toothpicks in washi tape and taped the boxes shut using matching washi tape.


Once the room was ready, they went in the room and the clock was started.


To get into the Russian theme, the password to the computer was 10071952 (Putin’s birthdate), the code they figured out using the English Book of Mormon was St. Petersburg, the code they figured out using the French Book of Mormon was Vladimirovich (Putin’s middle name), the password for the file on the computer was 862 (year of the beginning of the traditional history of Russia), and the abort code was 05072012 (the date Putin became president of Russia).


The key taped under the chalkboard gave them a box with puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces, when put together, revealed the password to the computer. The key taped onto the back of the laptop opened the box with the English and French Books of Mormon. The Post-It notes on the wall (which led to a pigphen cipher), when solved, gave the girls the password to the file on the computer (this puzzle took them the most time to solve).


The Books of Mormon code was solved by going to page number-verse-letter number. They had to figure out what the code meant, but knew which book they had to use to get the answers. That code gave them access to a box with popsicle sticks wrapped in pipe cleaners. They had to unwrap the pipe cleaners and all but one stick said “try again.” The one with the key ended up being one of the last they opened. That key opened the box with an envelope with the abort code.


The girls solved all the puzzles and got to the abort code envelope within the hour time limit and so they saved the world from destruction! They really had fun solving the room and Ani had a lot of fun putting it together.

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